A TRIO of European MEPs are demanding Spain help track down wanted Russian fugitive Alexander Chikovani and his wife.

Several Spanish and Italian European Deputies have appealed in written form to the Spanish authorities, in order to consider the feasibility of finding the Russian citizen, who is suspected of fraud in Spain.

They also want the authorities to probe his current business activities in Spain, in collaboration with his Russian wife Ksenia.

According to Russian media, Chikovani transferred various assets to his wife, which were set to be frozen by the Russian authorities.

Moscow court had ruled that Chikovani had to pay off a series of debts to creditors back home, before fleeing to Spain.

However, he was able to transfer much of his property and other assets to his wife, who was able to withdraw the cash in Spain under her name.

The court has now ordered Ksenia to return the multi-million euro debts to a series of creditors back home.

The court insists she returns the ‘illegally obtained assets to the bankruptcy estate for the payment of multimillion debts to defrauded creditors’. 

The fraudulent funds are now being used, it is claimed, for money laundering in Spain.

According to Russian media, the pair are closely linked to various Russian criminals, ‘who protected their illegal activities for many years’.

The Olive Press has discovered that Ksenia and Alexander set up two Spanish companies in Catalunya in 2018 to buy, sell and run hotels, spas and restaurants.

Initially set up in Tarragona, they more recently moved their registered address to Barcelona, perhaps to evade the authorities.

Alexander’s name was taken off the deeds of one of the companies in February this year.

The EU deputies have now sent their request to the Ministry of Justice, which oversees money laundering and law enforcement probes in Spain.

Chikovani, who is accused of major financial fraud in Russia, is on the Federal wanted list, as reported by the Olive Press in September last year.


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