THE CORONAVIRUS is one thing, but the Costa Calida will soon suffer from an even more contagious epidemic, according to important business leaders.

Jesús Jiménez and Soledad Díaz are the respective presidents of tourism organisations, Hostemur and Hostetur.

La Manga Del Mar Menor Skyline At Night Murcia Spain
IN DANGER: Not from Coronavirus, but from fear

They claim the combined factors of the ongoing Mar Menor’s environmental disaster, and an exaggerated fear of the Coronavirus are equally destructive.

It was confirmed last week that some 22 people had been tested for the virus, but all results were negative.

Both Jiménez and Díaz concur  that the virus is not having negative consequences in hotels and restaurants, for the time being.

“However, another thing would be if (a local) pandemic is confirmed,” warned Jiménez, citing the potential of cancelled flights and holidays to the region.

Hostetur are to hold crisis talks this coming week, on March 3, where contingency plans will be discussed, referring to the H10 Costa Adeje Palace Tenerife hotel where hundreds of tourists were quarantined.

Unsurprisingly, both organisations consider that the region could be the most suitable destination to escape from the coronavirus due to the higher out-of-season temperatures that adversely affect the virus.

Manuel Villegas, Murcia’s Minister for Health, agreed in principle with the notion that the main thing to be scared of is fear itself, but was more realistic, however.

He said on Thursday, February 27, that “fear is an enemy, but we must be calm … we are prepared for what may come.”

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