SPAIN will begin to ‘return to normal life’ from April 26 but in a ‘very controlled’ process. 

That was the estimate made by government spokeswoman Maria Jesus Montero this morning.

Speaking to Antena 3, Montero said the nature of the ‘return to the streets and squares’ will depend on the advice of health experts, adding that Madrid wants to see ‘how the pandemic evolves’ in the next couple of weeks.

The government will draw up plans to lift the lockdown restrictions once it gets a clearer picture of the coronavirus outbreak within Spain’s borders.

As reported yesterday, it will be testing 30,000 homes across the country to map COVID-19’s progression on a national and regional basis.

It will than introduce lockdown de-escalation measures but they will be ‘gradual’ and it is not yet clear ‘under what conditions’, Montero said today.

Regions which appear to be further ahead in their battle against the virus may have restrictions lifted sooner or more liberally than others.

The main goal of the programme, which will see 62,400 people receive a rapid finger prick test, is to see how many people have already overcome COVID-19.

The study will hopefully reveal whether or not populations have developed a ‘herd immunity’, said Montero, while the data will give key insights into how much damage the disease could do in the future.

“Then we will release clear instructions,” added Montero.

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