A 100-year-old woman has returned home after overcoming coronavirus despite having several pre-existing conditions.

Amidst cheers and applause, Carmen, from Santiago, was received like a hero at her residency, where she has lived since 2015, after more than a month in hospital.

A dozen workers were waiting for her outside the DomusVi San Lazaro retirement home, as well as agents from the Policia Local, the Policia Nacional and Proteccion Civil.

Carmen was diagnosed by COVID-19 on March 23 in the DomusVi San Lazaro care home, from where she was transferred to HM La Rosaleda.

Director of the home, Gloria Garcia Barreiro, said it was a ‘small miracle’ that Carmen had managed to overcome the virus.

Carmen isn’t the only centenarian to win the battle against COVID-19.

Last Friday, Josefina Ainsa, 100 years old and from Aragon, was discharged from hospital having tested positive for coronavirus and, according to Heraldo, the previous week a 101 year old woman, also from Aragon, also fully recovered.

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