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Which Businesses Have Benefited from The Shutdown?


The effects of coronavirus on the world have been utterly devastating, highlighting just how fragile the systems that we expected to always work really are. Supermarket workers are now considered frontline fighters, parents have been given zero warning before becoming home-schoolers, and medical systems have been quickly becoming completed overwhelmed. It’s war, but not as we have ever known it.

Some businesses are still open and reaping big rewards

Despite the complete upheaval in everyone’s lives, there are businesses that are prospering and growing under this new way of living. See who’s making the most here, and if you’re short of work and worried about cash flow, consider applying at one of these companies.


With panic buying an issue the world over, supermarkets are raking it in at the moment. While supermarkets have assured the public that there are plenty of products in the supply chain ready to go, it hasn’t stopped the hoards from clearing shelves of long-life cupboard staples such as toilet paper, tinned meat, beans, and vegetables, pasta, rice, and other dried goods.

Supermarkets have become the only place that we’re allowed to go, and demand has gone through the roof, which has also led to a hiring boom for those willing to face the public, stock shelves, or work as security guards during this difficult time.

Food delivery

We can’t go outside, except perhaps to visit the supermarket. But we don’t always want to cook or know how to cook – although it might be time to learn if you don’t. Restaurants around the world have now shifted to a food delivery only (and sometimes pickup) model, rather than closing business altogether. In this way of working, food delivery platforms like Deliveroo are booming, and delivery drivers roles are some of the only jobs going right now.

Video conferencing software companies

Poor Zoom hardly knew what hit them. While the video conferencing software tool has been picking up steam among businesses for a few years now, as a preference over Skype or phone calls, their traffic has now skyrocketed, and along with it scrutiny of their security practices. Video calling has become essential not only for business, but for keeping in touch with loved ones as well. If your Zoom/Skype/Messenger/WhatsApp/Hangouts is lagging, try switching to a different app. These businesses are trying to sustain the heavy traffic loads they’re currently under.


Much like video conferencing software, most of us are now consuming far more internet than before. This has meant for people and businesses that can afford it, bumping up plans, purchasing more bandwidth, etc. For the ISP sellers, this is good news. While their loads across infrastructure may lead to complaints for bottom-shelf network resellers, for the major ISPs they are seeing growth in sales to accommodate for the masses moving to online work – and purely online entertainment.

Online entertainers

Already established as an online entertainer? Many online entertainers – from YouTube and TikTok influencers, to cam girls, and Twitch streamers – already work from home. Now that they have all the time in the world, and a more available audience, they are able to make more from advertising or donations/contributions on their channels. Plenty more people are venturing into the world of online entertainment now that their main sources of income have dried up for the time being. It takes dedication, personality, and marketing skills to be able to attract an audience and profit from it, however it certainly isn’t impossible – and the market is ripe.

Online casinos

Sure, Netflix is getting a hammering, but what other types of online entertainment have increased? People are looking for games to play. And for those who aren’t into full-on video gaming, the casual allure of online casinos is seeing plenty of people putting down their chips for a hand or two at the poker table, or some spins on the slots.

Tanya Watkins from NodepositWorld commented: “We are seeing a spike in interest for online casinos, it’s still too early to say how this will work out long term for online casinos.”

Medical supply companies

Anyone who is making PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) including medical masks, gowns, and glasses, sanitizers, COVID-19 tests, plus respirators, or other breathing machines and oxygenators is currently pumping out as many as possible to keep up with demand.

Governments and hospitals aren’t the only ones that are snapping up this equipment but private citizens, too, who are concerned about the safety of their close ones.

Manufacturers who are able to pivot quickly

It’s not just traditional medical supply companies that are able to start making these types of supplies. Other businesses who manufacture other goods, but have factories that can be adapted for medical supply purposes, have been able to quickly pivot.

You may have seen the examples of Prada, who are now pumping out medical overalls and masks instead of designer clothes and purses, Bulgari, who are using their perfume factories to instead make hand sanitizers, and Armani, also making PPE clothes for medical professionals.

On a local level, boutique clothing labels are now making cloth face masks to supplement the dwindling supply of medical and N95 masks.

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