A MAN has been arrested in Murcia for allegedly raping a 14-year-old girl.

The sexual attack occurred on Friday, after the teenager had broken lockdown rules and attended a party in Cieza.

According to La Opinion the minor herself was the one who reported the attack to the police.

She claims that despite the stay at home rules, she broke lockdown in order to attend a party where she ended up getting very drunk.

Allegedly then, a 25-year-old man who was accompanying her home, took advantage of her drunken state and raped her.

The images of the attack were subsequently shared on Instagram, either by the aggressor, or by someone accompanying him.

The alleged rapist was then arrested on Monday and is now awaiting trial.

It has not been made clear whether the girl will face any punishment for breaking lockdown rules.

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  1. Beyond the tragedy of the assault, this event also graphically points out that fourteen year olds do not have the emotional, social and intellectual maturity to make judgements without firm guidance. There are many dangers out there that children are too naive to understand such as covid-19, drugs, alcohol and violent boys and men. It is amazing that so many parents allow their teens to go to ‘fiestas’ which last to 3-4 am. Everyone knows that these ‘fiestas’ end up as drunken, stoned events with a lot of promiscuity. When I have asked parents why they allow them to go, they defend their children: “They are young adults and know how to behave.” Maybe some do, but many do not, especially, predators and diseases.

    Location : Asturias

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