THIS is the moment a shark was spotted checking out the near empty shores of Andalucia at the weekend. 

According to Ideal, the animal measured up to four metres in length and was seen by passersby from the beach of Calahonda in Granada.

The Granada coast is used to seeing porbeagle sharks, but not the likes of which was seen yesterday.

The exact type of shark has yet to be confirmed. 

It was spotted by locals taking a walk on the pier, who swiftly took to their phones to share footage of the animal online.

Shark Calahonda
F’IN ELL: Shark up to four metres long spotted off Andalucian coastline

The shark can be seen nearing the shore while not being too far away from a canoeist taking advantage in the lifting of lockdown restrictions. 

It is not the first time animals have been seen re-inhabiting human spaces after the country announced its shutdown on March 14. 

Boars have been roaming free along the costas while goats have been mounting roofs. 

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