THE Policia Local in Sevilla have filed a denuncia against a bar in the city that broke the Phase 1 rules.

The Jota bar on Calle Luis Montoto was denounced yesterday for various breaches of the rules.

This includes exceeding the limit of 50% capacity, with up to 30 people being caught sitting outside on the terrace.

In addition, the establishment also failed to abide by the social distancing guidelines with people having to be two metres apart.

The owner of the bar also failed to provide any type of protective equipment for his staff.

Even worse was the fact that waiters were not disinfecting the tables between each set of clients.

The police officers have warned the owner that if the breaches of the rules are repeated, that would lead to the bar’s closure.

Jota took to their Facebook page to address the events and said: “Once we opened, we were surprised by the avalanche of clients and after the visit of the local police, they have kindly suggested some changes such as keeping more distance between the clients.”

They’ve also decided to close down temporarily while trying to find new measures to implement the required safety distances.

“This is a new situation for everyone and it’s a matter of trial and error”, added the bar.

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