A TERRORIST ring across Spain, Italy and France has been dismantled.

The Policia Nacional collaborated with the respective Italian and French forces to take down the terrorists with anarchist motives.

As revealed by the Italian press, it was the Italian police’s investigation that led to an international response, which then spread to Spain and France.

In Spain the action has focused mainly in Almeria and further arrests have not been ruled out by the police.

The Italian authorities accuse the ring of wanting to use terrorist means in order to break down the democratic order.

They wanted to use violent methods in order to promote the anarchist movement.

One of the seven people arrested was apparently responsible for an attack on a police station in Rome in 2017.

The bomb used for the attack was made up of almost two kilos of C-4.

This comes after the Spanish police arrested two terror suspects in Castilla-La Mancha for planning to create a jihadi group and for arresting a ‘lone wolf’ in Barcelona who was planning to bomb the El Clasico match between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

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