A NEW political party based in Granada is slowly emerging onto the Spanish political scene.

Izquierda en Positivo Granada is the brainchild of historian and famous intellectual Carlos Enriquez del Arbol and aims to unify Spain and Portugal.

Loosely based on the Catalan party of the same name which stood in the May 26 Elections last year, Arbol has set his sights on the central government.

The original Izquierda en Positivo was created in Catalunya in 2018 and was advertised as the only non-nationalist party and represented democratic socialism and Spanish unionism.

The new party’s main pitch is to create a single confederate state consisting of Portugal, Spain and Catalunya.

The new ‘country’ will have three capitals, Madrid, Lisbon and Barcelona and will legally become a recognised single state.

This will mean that government finances and EU aid will be evenly allocated throughout the Iberian peninsula, a scheme that relies on the EU’s similar post COVID-19 rescue plans.

Izquierda Positivo Frutos
Izquierda en Positivo aims to unify south western Europe

Although the formation of the party is still in the early stages, creator del Arbol is confident that its support will grow.

“We already have many supporters, and that is growing day by day,” he said.

The party has gained a large number of followers on social media through their propaganda videos and left-wing manifesto, including over 17,000 followers on Twitter.

Izquierda en Positivo is currently creating a national anthem and a flag for its new country.

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