GIBRALTAR could declare another major incident after the COVID-19 Platinum Command announced cases are rising steadily.

The number of active COVID-19 cases was 22 on going to press, the highest local tally since mid-April. 

The Gibraltar Health Authority moved to Amber alert yesterday too, suspending all non-essential surgery.

Stricter PPE was put into place too after a GHA surgeon tested positive for COVID-19 a few days ago.

This increase occurred as lockdown restrictions were relaxed this month when the number of active cases was brought down to zero,

According to the Gibraltar Government, the new cases were brought on by UK visitors and locals visiting Spain in August.

Two of the active cases are visitors to the Rock, with the other 20 being residents.

In response to this threat, the Platinum Command met to discuss whether to declare another Major Incident.

Government ministers, the new governor and Commander British Forces agreed to meet more often in the future.

It followed another meeting by the Civil Contingencies Committee the day before.

In his last live press conference the Chief Minister said that a Major Incident was unlikely to be declared until autumn but he is now changing his tune.

“Platinum Command will continue to meet on a regular basis in order to maintain an oversight over the evolution of the pandemic in Gibraltar should it be necessary to once again declare a Major Incident,” said Chief Minister Fabian Picardo.

“In this way we will ensure that we are once again ready in the event that difficult decisions need to be taken going forward.”

Mobile testing areas have increased the aggressive swabbing programme started by the government.


Mobile testing continues at the Piazza, followed by three consecutive days at Morrison’s supermarket.

The government once again warned the public not to expose their loved ones and especially the elderly, to unnecessary physical contact.

Not one person has died in Gibraltar from the virus and none of the current cases are hospitalised.

Primary Care services are coming back online ‘slowly and with a flexible approach’, according to the authorities.

“Services cannot simply be fully restored in keeping with a pre-set deadline,” said the Gibraltar Government.

“They cannot be carried out without constant reassessments of the situation locally, regionally and globally.

“Patients can expect to see face-to-face appointments and the return of established booking systems for the Primary Care Centre shortly.”

All health services were stopped in March when all staff were directed to handle a large breakout.

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