A LEG of Andalucia-bred jamon has been sold for a world-record price of €11,881.

The Spanish ham, from Corteconcepicion, in Huelva, was awarded the Guinness Record for the most expensive in the world after selling for 1.429 million yen in Japan.

It was sold by the Sierra Mayor Jabugo company, which breeds its pigs in the heart of the Sierra de Aracena, in the Picos de Aroche Natural Park.

Jamon Pricey
PRICEY PORKY: Jamon sells for just under €12,000 in Japan

“Our Iberian pigs are 100% pure, of Bellota quality,” said the company in a statement, “raised in freedom with its siblings in the pastures of Sierra Mayor.

“Having ensured its genetic purity, this pig had a natural diet of solely acorns and herbs.”

The pig was killed in 2015, meaning its meat was cured over five years, producing a slab of jamon weighing more than 10kg.

The company said there are three ‘fundamental’ factors in the creation of their products which make them so expensive.

Firstly, there is the ‘natural drying process’, performed in warehouses ‘without machines’ and in which the humidity and temperature is conditioned strictly ‘by the microclimate and microflora of the area.’

Secondly, the ‘master jamon maker’ has been in charge of the process since 1987, using his instincts to ‘ensure the best flavour and aroma.’

Finally, there is a limited supply as the company focuses on ‘sustainability’ and does not overproduce or excessively breed their pigs.

Sierra Mayor was the first company authorised to export the Spanish staple to the likes of Japan and Mexico, making a name for itself as an exporter of high quality jamon.

Over 30 years, the company has received a multitude of awards, both nationally and internationally.

On the latest accolade the company added: “It is good news for the Spanish Iberian pig sector, which is receiving a boost of optimism during these difficult times.”

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