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Amazing Future Technologies that will Change the World


5 Amazing Future Technologies That Will Change the World

The rate at which technology is evolving is impressive. New technologies have been emerging giving more spark to life while old technologies slowly fade away and are forgotten much faster than expected. Better technologies have always replaced even some promising technologies that received much hype on their onset. This is why it is not easy and straightforward to predict future technologies that will change the world. In this article though, we will attempt to do a review on some of the amazing future technologies that we expect to change the world. Let us get started, shall we?

1.      Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is nothing more than the mimicking of human intelligence by machines via installed programs. These machines are smart and are designed to perform tasks that require human intelligence. The aim is to have them think humanly and rationally to carry these tasks effectively. For Artificial Intelligence to be effectively implemented, machine learning is used to train the model thus the two techs are pretty much inseparable.


In recent years, AI has been on the tremendous rise owing to increased computer power, advanced algorithms, and data science. At the moment, AI has proved indispensable and is gaining momentum in various fields. Some of the current AI applications include disease diagnosis, automation of autonomous vehicles, recognition of static images, trading, predictive maintenance in IT, object identification, detection, and tracking. In most AI applications, the process is still in the infancy stage. With time, more improvements will be made, and several fields will realize the potential of AI.

2.      Robots

Robots’ importance is increasingly becoming evident given the nature of humanity’s problems. Robots have already been deployed in a vast range of industries like the automobile and medical industry. With robots becoming more advanced, it is no surprise that it has graced the casino industry. The casino industry has evolved from mechanical machines to electronic machines, and now robots are a familiar face today and more so in the future. A good example is the robot croupiers developed to replace human croupiers. Although these robot croupiers still can’t match human croupiers, other robots are already used in the casino industry for delivery, bartending, and security. Again, robotics is still a developing field, and more research is being done to fine-tune the existing applications and expand areas of applications.

3.      Big Data

It is unbelievable that in the year 2000, around 20% of data was digital while the rest was analog. As of 2015, the volume of digital data rose to approximately 98%! This data is generated by the increasingly affordable and available smartphones, computers, tablets, and several other devices. This creates a massive set of data, which we refer to as big data. With the current digital landscape, data is becoming precious to a host of companies. Netflix wants to know your preferred movies, and YouTube also wants to know your videos’ taste. With this information, they can make it easy for you to reach your target media and improve your experience so that you don’t divorce them.


Several other companies are buying data from various sites to get the target audience. This means the ability to collect, process, and analyze massive data is and will become more critical because there is no sign that digital information will scale down. Since big data influences many sectors in our lives, it will be an essential technology to shape the future.

4.      Autonomous Vehicles

While autonomous vehicles haven’t hit the ground running, there is much hope that this technology will revolutionize the automobile industry. Various automobile powerhouses have signed deals to see autonomous vehicles hit the roads soon. These autonomous/self-driving vehicles do not need a driver to navigate their way.


It is driven by a computer that receives input signals from external sensors. Most of these autonomous vehicles will be fully electric, meaning battery-powered drives will replace fuel-driven engines. At the moment, battery technology is still a hindrance to electric cars because battery capacity and recharging technologies must improve to meet long-distance power requirements. With the need to keep environmental pollution at bay, autonomous electric vehicles will undoubtedly be part of the future world.

5.      Nanomedicine

Medicine is a critical field in our humanity and several technological efforts have been put to ensure better diagnosis and treatment of diseases. One such step is fast-tracking the use of nanotechnology in the medical field (nanomedicine). An excellent example of nanomedicine is drug delivery. This technology is currently being developed to deliver drugs, heat, light, or relevant substances to target cells like cancer cells. Researchers are developing ways to attach antibodies to nanotubes to help detect cancer cells in the bloodstream in diagnostic techniques. Other applications of nanomedicine include cell repair, antibacterial treatment, and wound treatment, among others.

Wrap up

As aforementioned, the speed at which technology evolves makes it hard to pinpoint technologies that will change the world in the future. However, the ones we have highlighted are highly rated by experts as some of the future technologies that will change the world.

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