NOT everyone in Andalucia may enjoy a lifting of travel restrictions in December. 

That was the warning made today by regional president Juanma Moreno during his weekly press conference following a meeting with the COVID-19 expert committee. 

The Partido Popular reiterated that it will be the panel of experts who decide what restrictions, if any, will be lifted from December 10 onwards. 

“We have to see the cumulative incidence rate of the virus in each of the health districts, along with the number of hospitalisations, free ICU beds, deaths,” Moreno said. 

“We still have a lot to review until December 10.” 

Asked whether there could be different restrictions for different health districts he said: “Andalucia is a very large region, larger than some countries in the EU, and therefore it is possible.”

He added: “I would not like it, and that is why we are working to ensure that the whole of Andalucia has the same restrictions at Christmas, but it could be that some health districts are in different scenarios.

“What we want is to reach December 10 with a minimum level of coronavirus incidence, the lowest possible… it’s difficult to give a number.”

Moreno said if the region reached below the threshold of 250 cases per 100,000 people but had collapsed ICUs or skyrocketing deaths, for example, restrictions on mobility would not be lifted. 

“Everything related to the epidemic is quite complex and therefore what we have to try by all means is to reduce it as much as possible between now and December 10 and that allows us to make broad decisions in terms of labour mobility, social mobility and economic mobility.

“Christmas is not going to be like last year.” 

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