AMY  Schumer has shared her thoughts on the Hilaria Baldwi heritage drama, labelling the scandal ‘insane and entertaining’.  

The actress, 39, first crossed wires with the much mocked fitness guru last after she reposted a photo of Hilaria, 37, in her lingerie with her baby.  

Amy poked fun at the glamorous shot and pretended it was a photo of herself posing with son Gene, who turns two in May. 

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight Amy said she had no idea that her teasing Hilaria for pretending to be Spanish would lead to so much drama. 

The Trainwreck star said: “Oh my god, I really don’t even know what to say. I didn’t know that was going to happen, obviously.

“I feel like it was so insane and entertaining that I think Hilaria is probably the only person who is happy about the insurrection in the Capitol, because it distracted [people] from that. 

Amy added cheekily: “She is amazing and I wish her and her family the best. And I hope she gets to visit Spain as much as she wants.”

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The comic later ramped up the controversy by posting another photo to Instagram with the caption ‘I went to Spain a couple of times and loved it too’ before deleting it after realising she wanted to be taken ‘out of the narrative’.

She explained: ¨Look, she’s a mom. She has a million and a half kids, and that’s really hard.¨

¨So I just — I don’t want them to be going through a bad time. But also, you can’t just pretend you’re from Spain.¨

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