ALICANTE prosecutors will investigate whether local politicians who got early COVID-19 vaccines broke the law.

The process was kick-started by a complaint from two citizens sent to Alicante’s chief prosecutor, Jorge Rabasa and to the ‘anti-corruption’ division of his office.

The complaint calls for an investigation to see whether any crimes were broken by three Costa Blanca mayors and two councillors.

It also seeks clarification as to whether the politicians should be disbarred from holding public office.

The unnamed citizens call for a ‘legal formula to be found so that these shameful events can no longer happen in a democratic system like ours’.

The investigation into whether the politicians committed criminal acts will be led by anti-corruption prosecutor, Pablo Romero.

He will look into each case on an individual basis and not lump them together.

The husband and wife Socialist PSPV mayors of El Verger and Els Poblets, Ximo Coll and Carolina Vives, will be probed along with La Nucia’s Partido Popular(PP) mayor and provincial deputy, Bernabe Cano.

All three have resisted demands for their resignations after it emerged they got coronavirus vaccinations in early January.

Their actions went against the rules that only residential home staff and residents, along with health workers should get an injection.

Cano, though, has been suspended from his position on the Alicante Provincial Council.

Two councillors were also named in the complaint letter, namely Orihuela’s PP Health councillor, Jose Galiano, and the now ex-deputy socialist mayor of Denia, Cristina Morera.

Morera resigned last Friday(January 29) after revealing that she had received a COVID-19 jab.

Valencia’s health department has already decreed that none of the politicians will get a second booster injection ahead of their allotted time.

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