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How Big Data and Analytics Are Revolutionizing Casinos

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What do you see about when you think about casinos in Portugal? Most players look at the neon, glitz and glamour that online casinos have to offer. However, if you look past the glamour and romance that the casino industry thrives on, what’s really underneath all the comped drinks, the neon lights, and the high-stakes action is a lot of mathematics.

Guest author Martim Nabeiro (more about author) gives us a breakdown on how online casinos in Portugal are using big data and analytics to improve the player experience and their bottom line.

Big Data Technology Business Finance Concept_31965 3535

Big Data and Analytics

With the advent of big data analytics, many old industries are being retooled with insights derived by data scientists and analysts. Some high-profile examples are professional sports, finance, and even politics. The casino industry is no different.

Let’s take a look at some of the key ways that big data and analytics have been transforming the casino landscape. It’s not just land-based casinos that use big data but also online casinos across the world. A number of top casino online servicing the Portugal market, use in-depth casino analysis to give their players a seamless gaming experience.

Here are some of the main ways casinos in Portugal are using big data to their advantage.

Better Casino Security

Land-based and online casinos in Portugal are always on the lookout for players who cheat. Land-based casinos deploy highly-trained security teams who are on the lookout to spot and detect any player they suspect of cheating. However, humans no matter how well trained are limited.

Land-based casinos deploy artificial intelligence and big data analytics to quickly cross-check player data and immediately know when a ‘marked’ player has entered their casino. They might stop the player immediately from playing or keep a close watch to spot the first signs of cheating.

Online casinos in Portugal have an even bigger job as there are hundreds of players that use illegal third-party software to gain an edge over the other players who are unsuspecting of the fact that they are being exploited by third-party software. Big data analytics help online casino operators to quickly do the math and find out if there is one or a set of players from Portugal that have an unusual pattern of winning.

Big data and analytics remove the human element from the most difficult part of casino cheating. By using massive databases of cheating risk factors, analytics can help Portuguese casino employees filter out the noise and focus only on potential cheaters. The casino’s limited resources can therefore be used more efficiently to spot cheaters in the act.

Effective Marketing Strategies

Casinos collect massive amounts of data from their customers from Portugal. This data can be used to spot problem gamblers or potential cheats, provide VIP treatment to loyal punters, or to find out which games are more popular. The gambling data is also used to market to potential and existing customers.

Marketing is one of the biggest costs for a casino. It is paramount for Portuguese casinos to try to differentiate themselves from the rest of the competition.

Casino big data provides a way for Portuguese casinos to allocate their resources effectively. Using proprietary software that analyzes their customer data, casinos can identify which games, promotions, or events gain the most attention from their players and tailor their marketing toward that.

Promotions derived from big data help in creating a happy player base. For instance, if a casino analysis finds that their roulette games are their most popular offering, they can market themselves as the best casino for roulette players in the area using Bitcoin casinos.

Better Player Experience

In the same vein, the data that helps Portuguese casino tailor their marketing strategies to their player base can also help them optimize their services.

Big data also helps reveal how casino players from Portugal respond to the different games on offer at goldenslot. This allows casino game developers to tweak their products to align with their customers’ needs and wants. Casino operators also learn quickly what games are working and what games need to be dropped.

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Sharper Players

Let’s take a look at the flip side of the equation. If casino big data in Portugal and analytics are boosting casinos’ performances across the board, skilled gamblers can also use the same tools to sharpen their skills.

While casinos generally have the bigger budget for such tools, individual players or player groups from Portugal can often access similar tools and use it to their advantage. The need to read the casinos terms and conditions carefully to know what software is allowed and what software is illegal.

By using these resources, punters can spot their biggest flaws, identify their weakest games, and increase their edge on games such as poker, fantasy sports, Blackjack, and sports bets.

When it comes to big data in Portugal, you are either going to be a user or a loser.

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