When La Casa de Papel was released on Antena 3 Television, it was an unprecedented success. More than four million viewers tuned in to watch the premier of Part 2, and it gained the attention of Netflix. The streaming giant quickly acquired the rights to the series, recut it, and turned it into one of its most successful series. It is set to return for a fifth and final part in the near future. This could trigger the franchise to expand into related games in order to preserve the series’ legacy.

When is The Series Set To Return?

When La Casa de Papel, otherwise known as Money Heist, was first released, it was planned as a two-part limited series. However, due to its incredible popularity, it was renewed for another season with a brand new premise. To date, there have been four parts on Netflix, but the series has yet to reach its conclusion.

Because so many things were left open at the end of part four, Netflix announced in July 2020 that there would a fifth and final part. This was originally set for release in early 2021, but it has been pushed back and should drop later in the year.

Previous Games Have Been Well Received

In 2020, Skywind group released a branded slot game entitled La Casa de Papel, which was a good way to market the fourth part of the hit Netflix series. It was available to play at PartyCasino, which is one of the sites recommended on a recent post for its free spins welcome offer. The game is no longer at the site, but there are plenty of other options that will appeal to Spanish players. It may also make a glorious return to the listings when the popular heist drama returns to screens.

There was also a popular quiz game for mobile players released by Wyverin Entertainment. Quiz For Money Heist – CDP Fan Trivia had facts and questions about the characters and plotlines from the show. It was met with positive reviews, and has a score of 4.7/5 in the Google Play store.

Would a Console Game Work?

Slots aren’t the only games that would make excellent adaptations of the riveting and twist-laden series, though. Indeed, there is arguably enough content available for a high octane console game. Up to now, the closest fans have got to playing as the daring robbers is in the Money Heist Event. This was a Rainbow Six Siege online event that was available to play at the end of 2019.

The special mission arranged by Ubisoft was considered a genius, and players absolutely loved it. But it didn’t serve to fully satiate their need for a full game based on the engaging story. Taking control of all the separate protagonists as they fulfil their various roles in the heist would be highly enjoyable. By following the exact storyline of the series there would surely be enough content for game developers to go on.

La Casa De Papa has been one of the most popular Netflix series ever, and it is a shame to think that it will be ending after its fifth part. Hopefully, its legacy can continue to live on through various related games.

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