The game of bingo is going through a boom in recent times, with more people than ever rushing online to get in on the fun!

In the European nation of Spain, both online and in purpose-built salas de juego offer players of every type the opportunity to enjoy bingo, roulette, sports betting and more. Bingo has been enjoyed in Spain for decades and it is clear that Spaniards have just as strong an affinity with the pastime as the UK and US.

In this article, we will take a peek at when the bingo halls in Spain will be open. Before we go into this, we will take a look at whether bingo is popular or not in Spain.

Is bingo popular in Spain?

Whilst maybe most closely linked to Britain, the pastime of bingo is incredibly popular all over the planet.

Inside Spain, bingo is adored by players of all types and a 2018 study displayed that online bingo in that year totalled a massive €13 million in the nation, an increase of 18% on the figures from the year before.

In Spain, online bingo is a rapidly growing form of the game. With that said, there remain many who prefer to play at their local games rooms using electronic machines, the most common form of bingo in Spain.

All over the nation, towns and cities also host bingo halls where people are able to meet and congregate with friends over a drink or two and perhaps a few tapas!

How do people play bingo in Spain?

When the prohibition of smoking happened in public places in the late 2000s, plenty of bingo players took their custom online with new bingo sites proving hugely popular. They noticed that they were able to play from their own homes and enjoy as many cigarettes as they wanted with nobody bothering them!

Another issue came in 2012, when bingo halls were targeted by the Spanish government who passed a law stating that only those sites with a bingo license from the national gambling authority as well as those in possession of ‘.es’ domain would be able to provide bingo offerings to gamers across the country.

Today, almost all bingo lovers in Spain can enjoy games wherever they want, taking advantage of both Spanish and other bingo sites from across the planet.

When will the bingo halls in Spain be open?

As Spain continues to observe restrictions across its regions due to the recent third wave of COVID-19, there is no set date for when bingo halls in Spain will be able to open their doors once more.

If halls can adapt to regulations and restrictions by doing things like carrying out games outdoors, it may lead to a quicker return.

Overall, it can be said that bingo halls in Spain will be open once restrictions are relaxed. Spanish people have long enjoyed bingo and the game has been an element of their culture for decades.

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