SINCE the start of the pandemic last March there has been a sharp rise in the number of people turning to alcohol and drugs to combat feelings of isolation, loneliness and even boredom.

At Phoenix Programmes, they have not only seen a rise in individuals struggling with problems due to substances, but also behavioural addictions and compulsive disorders, such as gambling, video gaming, OCD, and anxiety, as people try to find ways to let off steam, use their time or deal with difficult feelings and emotions in what is a trying situation for many.

However, what starts off as a bit of fun, a break from the routine or simply the desire to feel better; can turn into a devastating problem as the need for the drugs, alcohol or behaviour comes before everything else, work, money, health, and even loved ones.

Phoenix Programmes is run by husband-and-wife team Chris and Anita and was established based on the experience and knowledge they have gained from working for over 25 years in the field of addiction treatment, their aim is to help individuals struggling with problems related to alcohol, drugs, addiction, and emotional or compulsive disorders.

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Calming surroundings

Phoenix Programmes offer immediate admission to a range of flexible, affordable treatment packages varying from highly structured residential through to outpatient day care, and there is even a facility for online therapy.

All their programmes and courses are based around the proven 12 Step therapy model and come with the benefit of their highly experienced and professional team of doctors and therapists.

Whatever type of rehab programme you are looking for – Phoenix Programmes can help.

Their luxury residential rehab is set in the Andalucian hills, offering both privacy and comfort. The treatment centre is fully equipped for those with reduced or limited mobility, and they have a business executive package available for professionals who need to continue to work, or stay in touch with the office, during their stay.

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With an in-house chef catering to any dietary restrictions, and a fantastic selection of exercise and relaxation activities for any leisure time, including golf, yoga, massage, and spa treatments, this is the perfect place to recoup and recover away from the distractions of daily living.

The day care programme is set in their San Pedro del Alcantara based clinic, and comprises of a mixture of intensive one-to-one sessions, lectures, therapy, and group work all which can be customised to meet the individuals needs and time constraints, over the course of 4, 8 or 12 weeks. Which makes it ideal for people living here on the Costa del Sol who can commute to the practice for their sessions.

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Therapy programme

They have other treatment courses and packages available, such as their sober living programme; which combines the day care programme with assisted sober living accommodation; and their fully comprehensive online therapy programme; which utilises online communication tools such as zoom or skype.

If you think you, or a family member has a problem with addiction; drugs, alcohol, behaviour; or a compulsive or emotional disorder, contact the specialist team at Phoenix Programmes on their confidential helpline +34 711 030 221 or go to for more information.

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