13 Jul, 2021 @ 19:00
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Family of five-year-old killed by a drunk-driving legionnaire speak of ‘devastation’ as killer walks free in Spain’s Roquetas de Mar

leire, photo issued by family
leire, photo issued by family

THE family of the five-year-old girl that was killed by a drunk driving soldier on July 6, in Roquetas de Mar, are devastated that the killer has been allowed to walk free until his trial. 

The prosecutor’s office as well as the parents of little Leire wanted the legionnaire to go to prison during the wait for his trial. But, the judge was not able to find any legal precedent to allow this. 

Leire’s father, David, in an interview with Telecinco said ‘I don’t blame the judge’.

But he said ‘we cannot understand why the Spanish law is capable of allowing’ the suspect to walk free. Leire’s aunt, Deborah, followed this by asking people not to blame the judge either, as he was just doing his job. 

Deborah also stressed that she does not place any blame on the Spanish Legion itself. She said that they have been very supportive throughout and one careless man’s actions does not show the quality of the ‘honourable’ regiment.

Spanish Legion
The Insignia of the Spanish Legion

Leire’s family are now driven to raise awareness and are campaigning to change the law. 

“We don’t want our daughter to be the girl that was killed on the Mercanoda doorstep. We want her to be Leire” continued Deborah. “We want people to fight for justice for her”.

Which people are doing in force: tens of people have attended vigils at the scene of the child’s death to protest against the current word of the law and the driver’s minimal punishment.

The suspect’s driving license and passport have been confiscated and he also has to report to the court every 1st and 15th day of each month leading up to the trial.

The legionnaire is currently being investigated for the charges of negligent homicide, driving under the influence of alcohol, and reckless driving.


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