A MAN has been arrested after launching a brutal attack on an off-duty police officer on a bus. 

The victim was traveling onboard a bus in Zaragoza on October 17 at around 4am when he spotted a man without a mask.

He chose to approach the man and ask him to put on a mask but the young man reacted violently to the request, punching the police officer in the face and kicking his chest repeatedly. 

The police officer was rushed to hospital where he received treatment for an eye injury, concussion and several bruises. 

Thanks to a video that was recorded during the attack, police were able to identify the individual and a search and arrest warrant was issued. 

The thug tried to flee the country from Alicante to Milan however the police were successfully able to arrest him on Monday (October 25). 

The judge has labeled the assailant a flight risk and he is currently in custody in Benalua awaiting trial. 


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