A MALAGA dog owner left his neglected pet struggling with a huge painful tumour rather than taking it to the vet.

Nature Protection Group (Gruprona) inspectors found the dog with a six-kilo growth on its chest that caused the animal so much discomfort she could barely move.  

The dog’s owner, a 58-year-old man, gave his consent for the officers to go inside where they found his dog living in  ‘deplorable conditions’ in the city centre flat.

The poor pup was in a great deal of pain, struggling to move with a cyst of around 40 square centimetres. The lump dragged on the ground and the dog to rest every few steps, according to the team.

The Gruprona officers discovered that neither the owner of the dog, nor his son, had taken the animal to a veterinary clinic for treatment, which led to the tumour getting worse over the years. 

The police team also found that the dog had not been vaccinated in the last ten years either. T

A vet described the growth as a breast tumor and she is now recovering well.

The man now faces animal abuse charges.

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