Buying anything with cryptocurrencies or doing mundane tasks like making monthly recurring rent payments with digital assets is nothing but a hassle. Retailers, service providers, or other businesses don’t accept crypto for payment, forcing crypto holders to move into cash to take care of the things they need to on a regular basis. 

If small payments for everyday items require so many issues, then how challenging is it to complete a substantial transaction, for example, a real estate deal? Buying a property in crypto has long been impossible except in ultra-rare or special cases, up until now. Today, Swapin solutions offer a breakthrough innovation that bridges the gap between digital and traditional finance in a way that facilitates crypto adoption in new and exciting ways. 

One of those ways Swapin is changing the way crypto is used broadly is through an incredible new partnership with RE/MAX that makes buying real estate with crypto not only possible, but never before has it been this simple or safe to do. Here is why. 

Why The Swapin And RE/MAX Partnership Matters

Swapin, formerly PiixPay is a rapidly-growing European crypto-to-fiat pioneer, enabling various B2C and B2B services that connect digital assets and traditional bank accounts in an instant. The company is licensed and regulated out of Estonia, and adheres to the strictest compliance standards. 

The reliable brand has plenty of Trustpilot ratings from real individuals who have used the innovative solutions. As Swapin attracts funding from industry leaders and venture capitalists, and grows its executive team and board, the brand has been able establish partnerships with major brands like E-Jewels, Aufort Gold, and RE/MAX. 

How Real Estate And Crypto Are Colliding

The partnership with RE/MAX is especially noteworthy for its ability to break new ground in real estate and digital assets simultaneously by connecting the two booming sectors seamlessly for the first time. Crypto holders can finally use their earnings or holdings to buy properties as a residence, business, or investment. 

Real estate can be a great way to diversify one’s assets for the crypto wealthy who want to put their capital in something more stable and appreciates in value. It also allows early crypto investors or digital nomads to pay for homes all over the world. Many crypto holders are from the Millennial generation, meaning they might want to use crypto to purchase first time homes. Swapin solutions now provide an easy way to do so without all the hassle. 

How CoinCollector Makes Crypto Simple

Expensive luxury items and other high price tag items like real estate are often covered through invoices. Using Swapin’s CoinCollector, RE/MAX and other businesses can issue invoice URLs with pre-filled information to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. Best of all, the cryptocurrencies are instantly converted into fiat and delivered to a connected corporate IBAN account

Transaction values are locked for 30 minutes during the transaction to ensure the total amount the sender intends to send is exactly what arrives in the recipient’s connected bank account. This takes away any risks associated with notorious crypto volatility and makes the process seamless and smooth. The benefits for businesses are endless, and there is also a huge benefit for the crypto audience. 

Swapin Solutions Cater To Companies, Customers, And Consumers

CoinCollector is just one of Swapin’s B2B tools. The company also offers an easily embeddable ecommerce widget called E-Com which works with many major website CMS tools as a plug-and-play tool. Customers then need to just fill out the transaction details using the widget and can make instant crypto-to-fiat transfers possible on any website or store. 

Swapin B2C tools include InstaPay, InstaFill, and Predefined payments. The company also plans to introduce an InstaBuy function. InstaPay lets anyone pay for products and services or send money to friends and family using shockingly fast crypto-to-fiat services. Predefined payments lets users set up custom templates to make recurring InstaPay payments to pay for monthly rent, utilities, internet, subscriptions, or other bills. Businesses receive euros instead of crypto and they are none the wiser. InstaFill connects to a crypto wallet that instantly converts any digital assets it receives into fiat connected to a bank account.

Conclusion: Crypto Connects To Real Estate With Swapin

Swapin solutions are seeing unstoppable growth now that consumers and businesses alike understand the convenience and simplicity tools like CoinCollector, InstaPay, and the E-Com. Major brands like RE/MAX are coming on board to partner with the project and reaping enormous benefits through exposure to crypto investors. Connecting crypto and the real estate market in this way will have interesting and lasting implications on adoption of digital currencies and could change the landscape of the real estate market for the long run. Check out Swapin solutions at the official website or try the app today.

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