A home help has been arrested for fraud and theft in Gandia after stealing €70,400 from a 90-year-old woman’s bank account.

The female thief, 36, made ATM and bank branch withdrawals for 18 months.

The victim lived on her own and since she had no relatives in the area, she used a home help service who assigned her with a regular worker.

The fraudster knew her client went to a Day Centre every morning and sneaked into her home to steal money that she had stashed around the property as well as items.

The worker realised she was on a good deal and quit the home help company to work independently for the woman.

A friend of the victim noticed that she was being scammed and contacted the Policia Nacional in mid-August.

Officers suspected the home help was behind the fraud and she was arrested at a bank where was going to make a €950 withdrawal from her client’s account.

A search of her home uncovered numerous bank transfer documents with money going to her native country of Bolivia.


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