A MAN has been arrested for impaired driving whilst circulation on the A-7 in Malaga.

According to a statement from the Guardia Civil, the incident took place on October 2, when the 112 emergency number received various calls from drivers alerting to a vehicle being driven at an abnormally reduced speed, constantly changing lanes and causing a huge traffic jam in the process.

Officers who were doing a proactive patrol in the area were quick to identify the car which was being driven on the motorway at about 70 kilometers per hour.

Additionally, the car had a burst tire, clearly visible from the footage provided by the Guardia Civil, as well as airbags deployed leaving the driver with zero visibility.

The vehicle proceeded to hit the curb inside a tunnel before the Guardia Civil were able to make a traffic stop.

The man tested positive for alcohol and drugs including: THC (the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis), cocaine and amphetamines and has been charged for reckless driving and for driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.


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