Just as we all have medical check-ups to make sure we are in good health or take our cars for a MOT to make sure they are road-worthy, we should also check our homes regularly to safeguard ourselves against unforeseen events and to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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Lotti Lundstedt, from Liberty Seguros offers us some tips on how best to avoid damage to our homes and shares with us the popular home insurance covers for properties in Spain:

“The most common claims are those caused by water damage. As a general rule, we always recommend closing stopcocks – even if you are only going to be away for a short period of time.

“What’s more, there are other small actions that can be taken to prevent unintended damage too. From not using the toilet as a waste bin, to protecting drains with filters, unblocking drains as soon as you come across a blockage, preventing damp by maintaining good ventilation throughout the home, checking pipe joints and making sure there are no leaks coming from the cistern or dripping taps. These are all simple but effective ways to keep your home protected all year round.”

Nevertheless, in the case of damage caused by water, Liberty Seguros home insurance policies do offer extensive cover. Policy holders can rest assured that expenses incurred with regard to locating the damage are covered, as is the repair and/or replacement of damaged parts within the confines of the home.

Home insurance policies with Liberty Seguros also cover the breakage of pipes – even if there is no actual damage caused by the leak – and excess water consumption can be claimed for up to 1.000 euros per claim each year.

Lotti Lundstedt continues: “In recent years – and as a result of climate change – extreme events which cause significant damage to homes have become more and more common. With this in mind, coverages that include damage due to atmospheric, meteorological, geological or seismic phenomena such as landslides, subsidence or floods are in high demand.

At Liberty Seguros we have taken this into account and with our optional ‘Accidental All Risks’ cover, all of these scenarios are covered – even if they are not actually considered ‘extraordinary’ under current legislation.”

Lundstedt also explains that one of the most asked questions is whether locks and keys are included in Liberty Seguros home policy. She reveals: “Our Liberty Seguros home insurance policy includes a complete assistance. We will actually send a locksmith out to you if you find yourself locked out by accident, and of course, you are also covered for locksmith services if your keys are lost, stolen or broken, or even if the lock has been rendered useless due to an attempted burglary, or other.”

Liberty Seguros believes that whilst it’s not compulsory by law, having a home insurance policy that is adapted to YOU is essential for your peace of mind. It’s for this reason that Liberty Seguros makes it as easy for you as possible to adapt your home policy to meet your REAL needs.

What’s more, with Liberty Seguros there are more than 300 expats agents and brokers that are available to assist you with face-to-face advice in your OWN language.

For more information, simply call 91 342 25 49 or visit libertyexpatriates.es for the name and location of your nearest Liberty Seguros broker.

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