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The Top 10 Most Successful Gamblers in Spain You Need to Know

Flag Of Spain
Flag of Spain

The gambling industry has been popular for many decades. With the digitalization of the entire business field, it has become popular in all parts of the globe. But people use gambling as a source of fun. You won’t find a lot of people that have the desire to become professional gamblers and compete in different tournaments.

Flag Of Spain
Flag of Spain

Spain is one of the countries where you can find a larger group of people that want to reach some huge gambling goals. That is the reason why many successful gamblers come from this lovely country.

Digitalization Will Probably Expand the List of Spanish Pros

In the text below, we have prepared a list of Spain’s 10 most successful gamblers. However, we are pretty sure the list will change soon because digitalization has made gambling even more popular. Without any doubt, the industry is growing in the Spanish market, and there are lists like this one from BestCasinoSites.net, where you can find some of the best online casinos now operating in Spain. By visiting the best Spanish online casinos, you may also get a desire to become a pro.

So, let’s see analyze the top 10 most successful Spanish gamblers together!

1.   Paco El Pocero

Paco El Pocero is actually a good example of how important self-control is. Paco primarily has won millions of Euros in the lottery. A lot of people would retire after that and spend their lives in some places with decent climates. However, El Pocero decided to continue his gambling career. That’s why he participated in different gambling events, enjoying different casino games. Based on certain rumors, he managed to earn around 30 million Euros. But his losses are also incredibly big. Some people even say larger than the money he got. We understand if gambling inspires you but be careful what you do with your winnings.

2.   Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo

Pelayo is actually a mathematical genius. He used his knowledge of math to figure out the system of roulette tables. He was extremely successful and popular in the 90s as a successful producer and television director. However, he started to deal with financial problems, and gambling was a way to support his family. Thanks to the system he developed, he has earned millions of Euros in casinos worldwide. Doesn’t his life seem like a movie?

3.   Antonio Martiney “El Compi”

El Compi is a real poker professional! However, it is interesting that he is completely self-thought. He developed strategies that supported his aggressive way of playing. Based on different information, his strategies helped him earn millions of dollars in different poker tournaments.

4.   Adrian Mateos

It is impossible not to mention Adrian Mateos on this list. Although he is currently living in London, he was born in Orcera, Spain. When he was just 19, he managed to win the 2013 World Series of Poker Europe Main Event. There, he earned 1 million Euros! Another 2 big achievements are European Poker Tour Grand Final in Monte Carlo and Estrellas Poker Tour in Madrid. He is the youngest gambler ever to win 3 WSOP bracelets before turning 22. Currently, his winnings are around 31 million Euros.

5.   Ana Marquez

Who says that ladies do not know how to play poker? Ana is one of the best poker players in the world, with a couple of international trophies. The biggest achievement certainly was European Poker Tour. People that follow poker tournaments regularly know that Ana is fearless, and she often plays pretty aggressively.

6.   Ramon Colillas

Ramon has reached a high level of popularity in the last couple of years. In 2019, he managed to win PokerStars Player Championship. Believe it or not, the prize he won there was 5.1 million dollars. It is the biggest prize any Spanish player has ever won.

7.   Carlos Mortensen

Carlos is a master of this game. So far, he has won multiple international tournaments, including 2 WSOP bracelets. That’s why a lot of people in Spain like to say he is the best player of all time. It is not quite clear how much money he earned from gambling exactly, but his net worth is expressed in millions.

8.   Leo Margets

Another lady deserves to be on this list. She is an extremely talented poker player with a pretty aggressive style of playing. Without any doubt, she has always known to read other players’ hands. Thanks to her talent and intelligence, she has managed to win millions throughout her career.

9.   Julio Mora

It is time to stop talking about poker players for a minute and mention some of Spain’s most successful blackjack players. Julio Mora was a master of this game who has managed to win dozens of tournaments across Europe. His ability to count cards was so amazing, which is why he was so successful.

10. David Ferrer

If you are a tennis fan, you certainly remember who David Ferrer was. After he retired, he dedicated his time to gambling. He participated in a few blackjack and poker tournaments, but we do not know much about his winnings and losses.


Without any doubt, one of the most popular touristic countries in the world has offered a lot of gambling geniuses to the world. We are sure the list will only expand thanks to the digitalization of gambling. New online casinos appear on the market every day, and many people will use that opportunity to improve their skills. Do you plan to be one of them?

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