APRIL 2023 goes down in the books as the hottest in Malaga since records began in 1943.

The unrelenting heat, more typical of summer than early spring, has seen new records established for absolute maximum and the average temperatures in the province.

According to Spain’s Met Office, AEMET, the average maximum temperature in the capital was 24.7ºC, the highest since 1943, when the average daily maximum for April, according to Jesús Riesco, director of the meteorological centre in Malaga, is 18.5ºC, and some 4.1ºC above normal compared to the 1991-2020 period.

Additionally, the absolute maximum temperature for the month of April was broken on two occasions at Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport.

The first took place on April 10, when highs of 33.7ºC were registered and once again last Saturday, April 29 April, with 34.3ºC recorded.

Across the province as a whole, it was the warmest month since 1961, when historical records for provinces began.

Furthermore, there was zero rain recorded at the Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport weather station, this has only occurred on two previous occasions since 1943, once in 1947 and also in 2001.

Unfortunately, there is no rain forecast for the next 15 days and temperatures, though closer to average temperatures for May, will still remain higher than normal.


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