A WOMAN died after falling from a three-seater jet ski she was riding with two friends in the Costa del Sol.

Her friends frantically scooped her up from the water and brought her to shore, where responders performed managed to revive her after performing resuscitation manoeuvres for over 40 minutes. 

The 32-year-old was transferred by ambulance to a city hospital before ten o’clock at night, but died in the hospital shortly after midnight. 

The incident, which occurred in the late afternoon of July 16th near the El Palo neighbourhood of Malaga, coincided with festivities in honour of the Virgen del Carmen taking place along the coast of Malaga province. 

Due to the celebration, the El Palo beach and the sea were more crowded than usual with boats and jet skis nearing the coast to witness the arrival of the procession to shore. 

In the evening, the jet ski carrying the unconscious and severely injured woman, along with her male and female friends, approached one of the El Palo coves and emergency services were notified. 

Police officers and an ambulance team who were in the area for the festivities rushed to the scene to check the condition of the woman who was not responding to stimuli.

The Guardia Civil is currently investigating the incident. 

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