SIN Street in Sitges was the surprisingly apt location for a massive brawl that broke out between boozy blokes that saw bottles and chairs thrown with police helpless to reign it in last Sunday night.

The chaos reportedly originated from a confrontation between a doorman and another man linked to a notoriously volatile family clan from the Garraf region near Barcelona.

The first fisticuffs, which involved an attack on a security guard, quickly escalated into a clash between two groups.

The bedlam left police with no option but to shut down entertainment venues and clear the area, officially known as Primer de Maig.

brawl sitges
A mass brawl erupted on Sundaty night iin the usually peaceful Sitges in Catalunya after

Around 40 members of the feuding family clan assembled with their vehicles, brandishing bottles, glasses, sticks, chairs, and various objects which they launched at their foes. 

Attempts to quell the riot by both the Local Police and the Mossos d’Esquadra proved ‘extremely challenging,’ sources close to the police operation said. 

Officers – including women – bravely put themselves in the middle of the raging ruckus as they valiantly sought to prevent serious injuries during the tumultuous encounter. 

One of the Local Police officers suffered injuries and was rushed to Sant Antoni Abat Hospital in Vilanova i la Geltrú after being assaulted with a bottle.

The severity of the street brawl led the Mossos d’Esquadra to activate a public order operation, deploying two extra patrols to support the overwhelmed existing four units. 

The initial alert was received by the Local Police station at 2:09 am, prompting immediate coordination with the Mossos d’Esquadra to address the situation together. 

Following the description provided for one of the alleged attackers, the family members were located right in front of the Sports Bar, situated at the intersection of Passeig de la Ribera and Bassa Rodona Street. 

It was at this point that efforts were made to contain the escalating violence. 

At 2:58 am, the proprietors of establishments along Primer de Maig were instructed to close their doors, and the street was evacuated to prevent further escalation.

David Martínez, the Councilor for Governance at the Sitges City Council, said: “We wholeheartedly condemn and reject the incidents that occurred last night.” 

“Situations involving two individuals should never escalate into mass brawls like the one witnessed. 

“The City Council is working tirelessly to prevent such incidents from occurring again.” 

Martínez also extended his profound gratitude to the Local Police and Mossos d’Esquadra, as well as ‘the exemplary conduct of the rest of the individuals who were enjoying a night out and found themselves entangled in this unfortunate incident.’

An ongoing investigation is underway, although no arrests have been made at this time.


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