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Medical experts list the main reasons why people need emergency treatment on New Year’s Eve in Spain

Medical experts list the main reasons why people need emergency treatment on New Year's Eve in Spain
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EXCESS alcohol and people choking on food are among the leading reasons for hospital ER visits in Spain on New Year’s Eve, according to medical experts.

Food poisoning and allergic reactions also figure highly on the list at this time of the year.

Too much booze leads to urgent medical interventions, especially on December 31, says Dr. María Jesus Cano, medical coordinator of the Emergency Services of the Vithas Medimar Hospital and Vithas Alicante in the Valencia region.

“It is important to bear in mind that the consumption of alcohol requires responsibility at any age, especially if it is abusive or if the person is prescribed medication for some occasional reason or chronic pathology, “ the doctor warned.

“It should also be avoided in pregnant women, females who are still breastfeeding babies.”

Food poisonings also increase during the New Year holiday period.

Esther Pastor Salines, an ER nurse at the Vithas Castellon hospital, says: “Food poisoning is nothing more than the ingestion of bacteria, through food, and we will detect that we have suffered food poisoning when there is the presence of vomiting, diarrhoea, stomach pain, and even fever.”

People should go to a health centre if symptoms last more than three days and treatment normally consists of a fluid replacement.

“Oral serum is the most appropriate, because we replace the electrolytes that our body needs, but isotonic drinks should not be used, as they have a high concentration of glucose and could promote dehydration,” said Pastor Salines.

Choking on holiday-time food is another reason why people have an unwelcome trip to a hospital ER at this time of the year.

Experts say knowing how to unblock a windpipe obstruction via the Heimlich manoeuvre will reduce the risk of the victim suffering a cardiorespiratory arrest and brain damage.

According to figures from the National Statistics Institute, asphyxiation due to choking is the third leading cause of unnatural death in Spain.

If we take into account that at this time of year there is an increase in celebrations in which people share a table, while eating, drinking and talking, then the choking risk level rises

It could be fish bones, pieces of meet, taking 12 grapes at midnight to herald in the New Year, or eating sweets.

It can happen to anyone, regardless of age, but the risk of choking during childhood is substantially higher- specifically between one and five years of age.

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