A MAN, 63, thought he struck lucky on a first date when he went back with a woman to a Valencia province hotel, only to find himself drugged and robbed.

It’s not known whether their first contact was in person or via an app, but they agreed to meet explicitly for the purposes of having sex.

They checked into the hotel in Massalfassar just minutes after meeting for the first time.

In the bedroom, the Spanish woman, 56, slipped him some benzodiazepine into a drink that she insisted he took before their planned session of passion.

The drug acts on the nervous system with sedative, hypnotic and amnesic effects.

It certainly did the job on the erstwhile lover who blacked out while his date stole his credit card and flushed his mobile phone down the toilet.

The victim said that all he could remember was the woman’s strong insistence on him having the drink.

Tests at a medical centre later confirmed that he was positive for benzodiazepine.

When he woke up, he noticed his card had been stolen and he went online to see charges made a short time earlier totalling over €1,100 appearing for ATM withdrawals and online purchases.

He reported the robbery to the Guardia Civil who arrested the woman on January 11.

She’s been bailed after being charged with fraud and robbery with violence.

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