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3 Best Platforms to Convert ETH to XMR Without KYC

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No-KYC crypto exchanges allow you to remain anonymous in the crypto market, guaranteeing your right to privacy. Better yet, these exchanges offer access to newer altcoins that are yet to go mainstream.

Unfortunately, as government agencies try to crack down on anonymity in cryptocurrency ecosystems with new AML regulations, finding an exchange platform that doesn’t require Know Your Customer (KYC) verification has become quite difficult. This guide looks at the best platforms to exchange ETH to XMR and other cryptocurrencies anonymously.

1.   Godex

Known for its service reliability and financial privacy, Godex has quietly risen the ranks to become one of the best anonymous crypto exchange platforms today. Godex was launched in 2017 by crypto enthusiasts looking to offer clients a simple and fast platform without collecting their private information.

The platform is quite easy to use. The exchange will only require you to provide the wallet address where the XMR will be deposited. It also indicates the ETH wallet address where you’ll send the crypto you want to trade.

Besides the straightforward exchange process, Godex offers multiple crypto comparisons on their website, such as XDC vs XRP, to help you research new profitable coins.

Godex Benefits

  • Anonymous transactions. The platform is built around anonymity. Therefore, they do not require personal data to exchange crypto, sparing you the tedious KYC process. Besides, Godex doesn’t limit the number of crypto transactions or their amounts.
  • Over 300 crypto pairs. Besides ETH to XMR, you can exchange over 300 cryptos, ranging from meme coins to blue chip crypto.
  • Price tracker. Godex allows you to track the price changes over the last 24 hours. This makes it easy to identify profitable coins without the need to keep checking platforms such as Coinmarketcap.
  • Fixed exchange rate. Godex’s fixed rate protects you from price fluctuations — The exact price indicated on the platform’s calculator remains constant until your requested crypto arrives in your wallet.

2.   Exolix Overview

Launched in 2018, Exolix is another crypto exchange platform that allows you to swap coins incognito.

The platform is also quite transparent with the amount of crypto you send and receive; it doesn’t charge any extra fees on your transactions. The process of exchanging crypto on Exolix is straightforward. Exolix considers the rates offered by the largest crypto exchange platforms and then chooses the best rate for you.

You’ll now only be required to provide your recipient address before Exolix provides you with a deposit address where you’ll send the ETH you want to exchange.

Exolix Benefits

  • No registration. Exolix allows you to convert cryptos without creating an account. This way, you can trade anonymously. The only information needed is your wallet address.
  • Offers both fixed and floating rates. The platform lets you choose between trading with the best available rate at the time of conversion and going for a floating rate that may be advantageous if the price moves up in your favor.
  • A great affiliate program. Exolix offers you two affiliate program options. You can earn by integrating Exolix’s API into your system and getting referred or sharing banner/referral links with your audience.

3.   Stealthex Overview

Stealthex is popular for its limitless swaps and over 1,400 coins and tokens available for exchange. The platform has been around since 2018 and has collaborated with some of the best exchange platforms to create a unique API. The Stealthex API allows you to swap coins instantly and securely without creating an account.

Their exchange process is quite convenient and transparent — allowing you to complete an exchange in just four simple steps. You pick your exchange pair, enter the wallet address where you’ll receive the XMR, send the ETH you want to convert to the provided deposit address, and wait for your XMR to appear in your wallet.

Stealthex Benefits

  • Anonymous trading. Stealth doesn’t require you to sign up when accessing their exchange feature. Better yet, they don’t limit the amount of crypto you can transact.
  • Over 1,400 coins and tokens supported. This platform supports both bluechip and emerging meme altcoins, increasing your likely profit scope.
  • Allows you to buy crypto. Besides allowing you to exchange crypto, Stealth lets you buy new crypto using your debit and credit cards. They use a Mercuryo or Simplex widget on their website interface to make this process seamless.

ETH to XMR: Start The Anonymous Exchange

With the ever-increasing AML regulations, finding a crypto exchange platform offering anonymity while being reliable and secure can be difficult. However, Godex, Exolix, and Stealthex have proven reliable, especially when exchanging ETH for XMR or other blue-chip and meme coins.

These platforms don’t require you to go through the KYC process and offer fixed and competitive exchange rates. Even better, some offer effective price trackers and great affiliate programs.

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