The Return of Venus (January)

The Return of Venus by Paul Downing SOUNDS like the title of a romantic novel, doesn’t it? However, this is definitely astronomy. Has anyone noticed
30 Jan, 2007 @ 07:24

“The Lorca family cannot stand me”

In this exclusive interview with the Olive Press, author Ian Gibson discusses the exhumation of poet Federico García Lorca, Civil War reparations and life in
23 Jan, 2007 @ 11:48

Villages on the Front Line

IN a series more used to highlighting problems in rural areas of countries such as Tanzania, Ethiopia and Niger, Villages on the Front Line (BBC
3 Jan, 2007 @ 05:32

The Christmas Star (December)

The Christmas Star by Paul Downing AS you might have noticed it is almost Christmas. I thought it might be good to reflect on that
25 Dec, 2006 @ 00:00

Pinochet Slips Through the Net

Lisa Tilley asks if the former dictator’s death will boost democracy in Chile and explains how Spain and Britain are involved in the Pinochet issue.
20 Dec, 2006 @ 06:24

Mayor in money block threat

Tropical Fruits 11 face legal action if fine is left unpaid ALMUÑECAR mayor Juan Carlos Benavides could face the threat of an embargo on his
4 Dec, 2006 @ 03:34

Goya Gone

A piece of Spanish art history disappears on route from Ohio to New York AN early work by Goya was intercepted on its way from
27 Nov, 2006 @ 05:27

The Amputee – Issue 11

In a pickle {mosimage} MY wife and I have just had a tiring week of pickling and conserving vegetable matter. The air around the house
9 Nov, 2006 @ 06:44

Editorial – God and Science

God and science Victor Hugo once said "There is in every village a torch – the teacher: and an extinguisher – the clergyman." His words
7 Nov, 2006 @ 10:39

Activists set free thousands of mink

{mosimage}ANIMAL activists have broken into three mink farms near A Coruña in Galicia in northern Spain and set free more than 15,000 of the creatures.
26 Oct, 2006 @ 05:16
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