Thursday, April 2, 2020


BREAKING: Record 514 killed by coronavirus in a day in Spain as caseload nears 40,000

SPAIN has witnessed its deadliest 24 hours after registering 514 deaths between Sunday and Monday. The number of infected has also increased by more than...

WATCH: Andalucia leads in Spain for adhering to coronavirus lockdown protocol

The deserted streets of Andalucia have has been picked up by both the BBC and CNN, who put a focus on Cordoba to report on the pandemic.

Calls to shut down Amazon construction site in Andalucia as coronavirus infections hit FIVE

Coronavirus infections on site have increased by 150% in three days

A mayor in Spain’s Andalucia works at a nursing home, as most of its staff contracted coronavirus

A MAYOR in the province of Cadiz has had to work at a nursing home because they don’t have enough staff.

Traffic in Malaga reduces by around 70% since lockdown and up to 89% at the weekend

Traffic in the city of Malaga has been dropping significantly since the state of alarm restrictions came into place

CORONAVIRUS DIARY: A week into lockdown and Mamma is your new Spanish teacher…with a little help from the strong...

Start by laying down some RULES before things get out of hand (And it's not the kids I’m worried about)

More than 12,500 police officers across Andalucia should be rapidly screened for coronavirus

A trade union has called for rapid coronavirus screenings on more than 12,500 serving police officers

Growing support for sealing off regions in Spain to fight coronavirus

PARTIDO Popular leader Pablo Casado has backed the sealing off of different regions to fight coronavirus.  The conservative boss said today that he believes it...

EXCLUSIVE: How Spain’s coronavirus lockdown is affecting expat business-owners in rural Andalucia

AS Spain grinds to a halt under the Government-imposed lockdown, many businesses have closed their doors to trading, in a bid to...

A road in Spain’s Andalucia collapses due to heavy rainfall

A ROAD in the province of Malaga has collapsed due to heavy rainfall.

Libraries on the Costa del Sol to automatically renew books during coronavirus state of alarm

The extensions will last until the state of alarm is eventually lifted

7 Ways You Can Help the Government Fight Coronavirus

The coronavirus has had an impact on the entire world. Since the virus is relatively new, there is little known about how it will...

2,000 children at risk of exclusion in Andalucia to receive meals from the government

The distribution of three meals a day to 2,000 students across Cordoba will begin today

Terrorising puppy, overeating and a growing wine dependency – week one of coronavirus lockdown in Spain and it ain’t...

FOR f**k’s sake.  Pardon my French but it’s just come to my attention that we could be facing a further 15 days of lockdown here...

Long before Antonio Banderas, another hot Spanish actor was the toast of Hollywood and he came from the Campo...

CALLE Actor Antonio Moreno at the back of Mercadona is not the most beautiful street in Los Barrios

IN PICS: Property photographer Charly Simon reveals how to get the best shots of your home as he shows...

“IF it’s cloudy the shoot will be cancelled,” warns Charly Simon, one of Spain’s top real estate photographers

Hoax caller charged with public disorder after reporting fake car accident in Andalucia

‘This is not a game, we are in a state of alarm'

HUNDREDS of cars ordered to turn back while trying to access Andalucia’s costas amid Spain’s coronavirus lockdown – including...

AT least 200 cars have been ordered to turn back while attempting to reach parts of Andalucia's coast.  According to IDEAL, hundreds of people have...

Dead body found in a gym in Spain’s Andalucia

A BODY has been found in a gym in the province of Malaga.

REVEALED: The cash reserves being used to fight coronavirus by rich towns on Spain’s Costa del Sol

TOWNS across the Costa del Sol have been given extra powers to dip into their cash reserves to fight the coronavirus pandemic - but...

Man arrested in Spain’s Andalucia for hugging people and breaking lockdown rules

A MAN has been arrested in Malaga for hugging people without their consent and breaking the lockdown rules.

WATCH: Drug traffickers get to work in British expat hotspot on Spain’s Costa del Sol as police distracted by...

RATHER than follow the government's orders to remain indoors, drug traffickers, it seems, are taking advantage of the diverted police attention. Footage has emerged online...

Google Local Reviews in Spain and why you shouldn’t trust them

THE Irish have a saying that goes, ‘if you can’t say anything, say nothing’

Trinity College Dublin consults the team behind water experts Premier Aqua and now Spain can too

WHEN the water in Mallorca doesn’t taste like it oughta … or the shower in your Marbella townhouse doesn’t flow like it should, this Irish newcomer in Spain has the solution to hand