Wednesday, October 23, 2019


Regreening the land

Sierra Nevada and Baza benefit from six-million euro reforestation schemeTWO huge-scale reforestation projects in Granada are set to get underway in 2009.Both the...

Greenpeace victory

Judges in Almeria have thrown out a case against Greenpeace by the developers behind the illegal Algarrobico hotel

Junta faces criminal charges over falsifying documents

The Junta is facing criminal charges for falsifying documents over the controversial Algarrobico hotel affair

No home, no compensation

Hundreds of demonstrators mobbed the offices of Almería's town planning chief in a protest against planned demolitions.

An Albatross? An Eagle? No, that’s an Ibis!

Golf not so bad for the environment after all, with one of world's rarest birds colonising its greens

England friendly against Spain is switched from Madrid to Sevilla

Will the fans and police in Sevilla be any better behaved than in Madrid? After all, Sevilla’s stadium was the scene of an ugly unprovocked police attack on Spurs fans as we reported two years ago

Banks threatened for not supporting local business

Angry at the reduction and withdrawal of investment for small businesses, Coin town hall has threatened to fight back

Reservoir levels up (and down)

The New Year rains mean 2008 ends with the an increase on last year, but some reservoirs are still down 12 per cent on...

Illegal homes protest

Hundreds of British demonstrators demand an end to sleight of hand, trickery and fraud

Not Wanted, Wanted

Exclusive By Jon Clarke in Sevilla
Thanks to the Olive Press a dangerous British criminal in Spain is today behind bars

At it like rabbits

It is the favourite food of the Iberian lynx. And it seems that that most endangered of cats has taken on one of the more lascivious habits of its main prey, the rabbit.

New manhunt launched for timeshare tout

Interpol joins search for Robbie Graham, best friend of Costa Killer Tony KingPOLICE want to grill a British timeshare salesman in connection ...

Tip of the iceberg

Sanitas members are up in arms as one of Andalucia's top hospitals turns them away

Energy-conscious Granada and Córdoba launch Christmas illumination crackdown

The battle against light pollution in Andalucía has taken somewhat of a seasonal turn after council authorities in Granada delayed the switching on of the annual Christmas illuminations.

Amy suspects sought

Mystery British man and woman are being investigated by familyEXCLUSIVE BY PAUL O CONNELL THE parents of missing Amy Fitzpatrick have asked police to...

Dirty diggers

Locals claim skulduggery as quarry scheme is passed on protected land

The bells stopped ringing

One of Spain's oldest English language newspapers, the Town Crier, folds, as well as radio station OCIONE of Spain's longest-running English newspapers is dead....

Were banks linked to planning scandal?

A further 18 people have been arrested over the continuing investigation into the construction of 30,000 illegal homes in Chiclana.

Illegal homes… authorities focus on seven worst offenders

THE Junta is to launch in-depth investigations into illegal building in seven key areas.A team of 36 inspectors will undertake a full inventory of...

The Afro-Bridge comes nearer

Could 'sustainable' 24-lane superhighway now be favoured over a tunnel?A BRIDGE across the Straits of Gibraltar could have just come a step nearer after...

Why paragliding is a truly electrifying sport

A paraglider is said to be to blame for a series of powercuts in a pair of villages in El Gastor and Algodonales in Cadiz.

“Hell on Earth”

Inhumane conditions slammed at Costa Tropical zoo AN Almuñecar zoo is facing renewed calls for its closure after complaints that its animals are enclosed in...

Tyson’s claws his way back

Satanic Siamese who terrorised tourists and dogs gets a reprieveAS comeback’s go this takes the whiskers.Carted away after hospitalising a tourist and terrorising the...

Jail for pit bull owner

His dogs ate a neighbourTHE owner of three pit bulls that killed a man has been jailed for a year.A court heard how...

I’m on the mend!

Olive Press takes brave Sacha for a special day outSTANDING on the pitch with the entire Marbella football team, it is hard to imagine...

Double death mystery

Biggest rescue operation in Ronda historyBody of death-fall woman is found semi-nakedPOLICE are investigating the mysterious deaths of two people in Ronda’s famous Tajo...