Friday, May 29, 2020


Dead Briton found on Costa del Sol

A body of a British man was found floating in a marina

Cruising destination

Cruise ship tourist visits to Malaga are set to double following the impending launch of the new port terminal

Gipsy Kings

Andalucian gipsies are celebrating their special day

Oily business

Andalucian olive oil is being diluted to save costs

Football magnate’s tobacco hoax up in smoke

Former boss of Malaga FC is jailed for illegal tobacco trading

Brits fall out of love with Andalucia

UK holidaymakers are opting for the Canaries over Andalucia

I want to ride my bike…on the pavement

The Supreme Court in Spain has ruled that bicycles can be ridden on pavements and in pedestrian zones

Earthquake hits Mijas

But most of the population failed to notice the tremors

Father and son mauled by dogs

A deadly attack by guard dogs on neighbouring farmers rocks small Andalucian town

Smuggling bust after Christie’s auction

An international smuggling ring has been smashed after a plundered Roman statue was auctioned

Trailer park clash

Claims of assault and intimidation as police step into expat caravan park battle

Let there be light

Expat family cut off for weeks despite paying the bills

My council house solution

Graham Govier argues that the glut of empty apartment blocks around inland Andalucia should be turned into council properties

Roca estate goes to the state

Disgraced town planner parts with his 15 million euro estate to pay debts to the authorities

Huge drug crackdown

Policemen and lawyers arrested in a series of huge drugs crackdowns around Spain

Cruise ships to dock 70km inland

Sevilla courts cruise ships with ambitious river dredging project

Bond bombshell for Connery

Actor Sean Connery and other suspects in the 'Goldfinger' case have been asked to pay a 60 million euro bond by a Marbella judge

Out of the sewers

All Andalucian sewerage to be treated by 2015

Ballet exciting

Malaga hosts international ballet companies this winter

One way ticket to Romania

Authorities have smashed a gypsy shantytown and gave its occupants bus tickets to Romania

Brit busted for illegal Sierra bike tours

A British man was taking large groups of fellow countrymen on motorbike trips to the Sierra without permission.

Marbella socialite shells €1.8mn on car

Marbella dealership has turned the largest car sale in Spanish history

Gibraltar airport in limbo

Local Spanish mayor is refusing to sell land for the new cross-border airport

Slippery slope for eel catchers

Eel fishing has been outlawed for the next decade to help the species survive

Third time lucky for Axarquia oil

Olive growers of Axarquia are stepping up the efforts to gain an international trademark for their olive oil

‘Pirate’ Pitman snared

EXCLUSIVE: One of the UK's Most Wanted drug dealers has been snared in a routine dragnet operation.