Cocaine haul foiled

A British man based on the Costa del Sol has admitted attempting to import 675 million euros of cocaine into the UK

Shot in self defence

Columbian ‘hitmen’ killed at finca where woman was found dead with her throat cut exactly a year ago

Confederacy of Dunces

By Matthew Pritchard
What does the case of the Priors tell us about local government in Andalucia?

Double Standards

While the nearby Priors home was knocked down, the Olive Press can reveal that this enormous 420m villa - owned by local politicians - was built with just a 'renovation' licence

Burglars flee after realising home is Hollywood hardman’s

Armed robbers fled former movie hardman Dolph Lundgren’s home in Marbella after breaking in and tying up his wife

Raging Bull behind bars

Boxer Scott Harrison handed a lenient sentence after plea bargaining over attack on a policeman

A haunted house, visits from Ringo and a trademark Rolls-Royce:

the mystery of Lennon’s Strawberry Fields Forever trip to southern Spain

Linekers Bar in arson attack

Linekers Bar in Fuengirola has become the target of a suspected arson attack

The Fourth Reich

With Hitler’s 120th birthday this week, the Olive Press looks at his legacy in Spain and investigates the comfortable existence his former henchmen enjoyed on the Costa del Sol

Village of the dead

Still no sewage works, but mayor of smallest district in Malaga wants to build thousands of houses and a golf course .... over the cemetery

Emails condemn ‘dodgy’ law firm

A SERIES of damning emails from a legal firm to its clients prove that its lawyers knew their house was illegal from the beginning

More legal vultures in for a killing

ANOTHER ‘tool shed’ owner has come forward to slam lawyers who left him with an illegal house and a 15,000 euro fine

My mobile home misery

A British woman who was told by lawyers that she could erect a mobile home on her land has been forced to move back to England

Behind Bars: Clampdown sees dozens imprisoned for drink driving

Since the reform of the penal code in December 2007, 793 drivers in Malaga province alone have been arrested or charged for driving over the limit

Transsexual man pregnant with twins

The Jaen resident has interrupted hormone treatments and postponed plans for a sex change operation in order to have a baby

500 and out

Traders and hoteliers are up in arms after Andalucia’s oldest agricultural fair has been cancelled

Hunger strike over mortgage

Santiago Cortes, a construction worker by trade, has gone on hunger strike to renegotiate his mortgage

Chaves up, Andalucia goes down

Despite being two decades at the head of the Junta de Andalucia, Manuel Chaves has left the region at the foot of the European league tables

Lamborghini death plunge

A British businessman has been killed after his Lamborghini plunged off a cliff in Marbella

I’m sherry inspired

The world’s most influential wine critic is to come to Jerez for his first trip to Europe in over 20 years

Demolished homeowners can rebuild their lives

An order to demolish the home of an English couple in Spain last year has been overruled as illegal

Shrimp comes home

His funeral cortège stretched for seven miles and was attended by over 100,000 people. So it seems fitting that the childhood home of flamenco star Cameron de la Isla should be turned into a museum

No help for Amy

The mother of missing Irish teenager Amy Fitzpatrick has criticised the Mijas mayor after he refused to help publicise her disappearance

Aliens and expats in Alexei’s latest book

Comedian Alexei Sayle has based his new book on British expatriates living in southern Spain

Madoff to Gibraltar

Disgraced broker Bernard Madoff transferred 150 million dollars to Gibraltar a month before his arrest last year

Death threats over pet dog

English businessman claims to have been threatened by his ex-partner over the ownership of a pedigree Shih-tzu called Chico