Friday, October 22, 2021


16 arrested over Spanish Imperial Eagle egg thefts

Centre in charge of the recovery program for the endangered Spanish Imperial Eagle has been linked to the thefts

Scientists discover porn loving chimp in Sevilla

A professor in Sevilla believes he has found a link between sexual interest in both human and non-human primates in Gina the chimpanzee

Dia Del Flamenco to be celebrated today across Andalucia

The sixth annual celebration is taking place all over Andalucia to celebrate the passionate dance, music and singing form that has its roots in the region

Cheers to that! HEINEKEN opens the way to green distribution in Spain with fleet of eco trucks

HEINEKEN'S pints are becoming greener than ever thanks to a new fleet of eco delivery trucks launched in Sevilla.  Specially designed for the most sustainable...

Game of Thrones to film scenes in royal family’s home in Sevilla

The immensely popular fantasy series will use various Andalucian locations for the Kingdom of Dorne, producers have confirmed

Odeon launch new cinema in converted railway station in Sevilla

TWO giants of Spanish theatre and cinema have joined forces to create an original entertainment hub in Sevilla. Platea, which is located in the shopping...

Deadly mosquito-borne West Nile virus detected in 19 horses in Spain’s Andalucia

The current outbreak of the West Nile virus in the largest ever recorded in Andalucia, though cases of the disease have been detected for years.

American student dies in balcony fall in Sevilla

She would have turned 21 over the weekend

Missing Spanish masterpiece thought lost forever turns up in British castle, and it’s worth millions

Missing Spanish masterpiece thought lost forever turns up in British castle,

DON’T GET SPOOKED: Five gruesome mysteries remain unsolved in Spain this Halloween

Suicide, UFOs, disappearance, murder, mutilation - these unsolved mysteries are guaranteed to get Halloween off with a scream!

Woman has scalped ripped clean off after hair gets stuck in factory sorting machine in Spain’s Sevilla

In newly released details, authorities said the sorting machine 'ripped her scalp from her nape to her forehead'

Pelli tower must be stopped, says UNESCO

The 42-storey building is an eyesore, according to officials

Man arrested for blocking road with stones to rob drivers forced to stop in Andalucia

A man has been arrested for blocking a road with stones to rob the drivers that were forced to stop

Boy in Spain to be fined HUNDREDS of euros for throwing Sevilla’s famous oranges

A MINOR is facing a fine of up to €750 for throwing oranges at his neighbour's house in Sevilla.  The town hall of Isla Mayor...

World’s biggest wooden structure unveiled in Andalucia

Sevilla’s new 90 million euro ‘parasol’ is revealed

Cruel siblings sectioned after locking their 59-year-old brother in a birdcage for years

The victim has also been sent to a rehabilitation centre where he is said to be suffering severe brain damage

Doñana National Park in Sevilla on verge of ‘point of no return’

The wetlands are home to around 2,000 different species of animals

HEAT WARNING: Temperatures to reach into the 40s from Malaga to Sevilla

THIRTY-two provinces across twelve autonomous regions are on alert today for high temperatures. The State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) reports that temperatures will reach between 39C...

Radical landmark to close in Sevilla

A landmark of Spain's guerilla architecture is to close as figurehead takes on new projects

EasyJet made to reimburse Spanish student after slapping him with €60 fine for carrying laptop onboard

A COURT in Sevilla has condemned the budget airline EasyJet for charging a Spanish passenger €60 to board with his laptop. 19-year-old Yoel was boarding...

Leaked police report claims Spanish bullfighter was over the drink drive limit when he crashed

DIA accidents victims association now calling for a four year prison sentence for José Ortega Cano

Judge Alaya attacks replacement Bolanos in ERE case

Judge Mercedes Alaya criticized her replacement after demotion from head judge to reenforcement on the ERE case

Thieves steal helicopter to use for drug trafficking

Police swoop on helicopter thieves in Sevilla

Spanish police file denuncia against bar in Sevilla for breaking Phase 1 rules

THE Policia Local in Sevilla have filed a denuncia against a bar in the city that broke the Phase 1 rules.

Mining executives wanted on Sevilla environmental damage charges

Four former executives stand accused of extensive environmental damage in Seville





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