Saturday, April 1, 2023


Million euro reward

Incentive offered to find missing teenager but only for one month

HATE CRIME: ‘Gay man’ hospitalised after group of young men use fake dating profile to lure him to secluded...

A MAN has been hospitalised after being lured to a secluded road and violently robbed by a group of young men on the outskirts...

West Nile virus transmitted by mosquitos revealed to be behind string of meningitis cases in Spain’s Sevilla

The outbreak has occurred in the towns of Puebla del Rio and Coria de Rio, both located next to marshland on the Guadalquivir river

The world’s healthiest pork

Thirsty, acorn-feeding black pigs produce Spain’s most famous gourmet product which is also good for your health, writes Anne Manson

Austerity will harm Spanish children

Cuts in welfare, health and education have left some children homeless and malnourished

WATCH: Guardia Civil raid clandestine cockfight with crowd of 120 people in Spain’s Sevilla

83 people denounced for participating in underground cockfighting in El Palmar de Troya (Sevilla).

Sevilla stars in Super Bowl

Adverts from Sacha Baron Cohen's The Dictator were aired during the American football final

Andalucia’s restaurants are transforming at full pace

Mainstream guides have struggled to keep up

Sevilla’s Feria de abril in May?

But despite the break in tradition the festival was a huge success

Spain’s Roman Catholic Church in unholy row

Furious Spaniards are accusing the Church of seizing more 1,000 public buildings to profit from their use

Teens arrested after 45 bins torched in Sevilla town causing over €47,000 in damage

TWO teens have been arrested after a spate of bins were set ablaze in a town in Sevilla.  Cops launched a probe in the wake...

New Sevilla anti-corruption judge Maria Bolanos questioned about connections

Mercedes Alaya's replacement Maria Nuñez Bolaños is already in hot water

Two women seen filming porno shoot in Sevilla outside government buildings

The pair were seen wearing bondage gear and frollicking in the back of one of Sevilla’s horse-drawn carriages.

Spain completes final dash to leave Afghanistan as thousands face being left behind

SPANISH troops have completed a frantic countdown to rescue people from Afghanistan as the airlift looks set to end this afternoon.  Just hours of evacuation...

Outrage as gas company awarded millions to operate in Donana National Park

The famous wetland, a paradise for birdlife, is currently in danger of losing its UNESCO World Heritage Site status

The mad bell ringer who changed my life

In a competition earlier this year In the Write Light called for all Chris Stewarts. Along came Debora Garber who won the top prize with her dispatch on the people’s independent republic of Triana, in Sevilla. Here, the Olive Press runs it for the first time

Steven Gerrard arrives in Sevilla ahead of Champions League match

STEVEN Gerrard has arrived in Sevilla ahead Liverpool's away match tomorrow night. Jurgen Klopp’s men are currently one point clear at the top of group...

Stolen dog returned to owner after thief caught red handed walking dog by police in Spain

POLICE identified and returned a stolen dog to its owner after a chance encounter at the side of a road. Guardia Civil stopped to inform...





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