Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Awesome display by Axarquia Rugby Cadetes

There were fireworks on Saturday, November 5 at the Fernando Hierro stadium in Velez-Malaga

Schizophrenia, Shamans and Religious delusions

Schizophrenia, shamans and religious delusions

Maximilian Bartie: ‘Time for change’

Our resident columnist, formerly of Royal Tunbridge Wells, puts the world to rights

“Playing Gulliver”

The Lilliput world is normally hidden from our eyes. It is hard to pay attention to what´s going on under our feet as we go about our everyday tasks in the “big” world

The accent, smoking, beer and red tape

When Paul Whitelock moved to live in the Serranía de Ronda there were just three things he did not like about the place. The acento andaluz, smoking in bars and the beer. Oh, and the bureaucracy ...!

The Calendar Girls coming to Andalucia?

Find your favourite recipes and get ready to get your kit off! Calliope is coming to town!

Tasty treats in Almerimar

Penne Amatriciana, aka Mimmo's pasta and pizza for dessert!

Seize the Day

I PONDER a lot. I waste time on musings and wondering about stuff, and try to look at things from different points of view,...

Should we reinstate Jerez’s oldest mosque?

OP blogger Luke Andrews reports that last week students gave respect to their Muslim heritage, posing questions about its place in modern Spanish society

A New Wife in the Sun: Episode 16 – Absolutely Fagulous

'Mum, why won't my Xbox work'?  Bellows a familiar voice from behind his bedroom door. 'We don't have any...

Review of 2011… from the mountains

Here’s Paul Whitelock’s personal review of the year – of events which have affected Spain in general and the Serranía de Ronda, where he lives, in particular

Whitney Houston: 1963 – 2012

The troubled singer, who had battled with drug addiction, was found in her hotel room

Oh my cod! How rude…

As another ex-pat business bites the dust, Craig Scott reveals why the chips are down for British takeaways

Something for the ‘bottom’ of your tree

What have rapper P Diddy and Italian snapper - Raphael Muzzocco got in common?

Lesson learned: Don’t eat Sevillian sidewalk oranges

Giving into my inner "Eve" I let temptation take over and I pluck a forbidden orange from its branch

An American in Madrid

Hannah takes in some of the sights in Spain's capital

Olive Press blogger meets Syrian refugees in Jerez

Luke Andrews says we should do be doing more to help them

Leaving England

Tanya and I were in a relatively unique position with two older children and a ten-year gap before having two more children. What this...

‘Spanish elegance’ – a trip to the north

OP blogger Ben Anson takes a trip to El Sardinero, Santander

A New Wife in the Sun: Episode 23 – Plots Landing

'And just to summarise, the libro del edificio must be handed over before completion.  Is everyone clear on that?' Several heads...

From London to Granada

Sometimes something in your life is not quite right, and a big change is called for. For me, that change was moving to Granada, one month ago, from London

Catching the end of San Fermin

Many disagree with bull running and bull fighting, protesting against how these magnificent beasts are treated. I agree, yet I don't agree enough to demand a stop to this element of Spanish culture

Joseph Heller is right – It’s Catch 22!

And IKEA is a four-letter word

From North Devon to South Spain in six decades – Part Two

The first night in San Sebastián (Guipúzcoa,) where I had arrived at the age of 20 to start my year abroad from university, had been an orgy of cheap wine, pintxos and music by Santana. This had led to the worst hangover of my life.