Sunday, December 15, 2019

Maximilian Bartie

Bartie considers research studies and gun ownership

Mossies – the bane of Jacqui’s life

John Woodhead discovers why mosquitoes make a beeline for some people

A Mesquita and a mosquito

Getting lost - badly lost - and a school trip to Cordoba...and some Spanish

Sunny Sundays

Charlotte enjoys a sunny stroll along the paseo from Puerto Banús to Marbella

Reuse, not recycle

Yesterday I broke my chisel for my Bosch that I have been using to cut the rock to create more space in our bedroom... Which...

The Amputee – Issue 13

SHEP THE FISH I JUST read that by the middle of next year more British families will own a fish than will own a dog....

When will my grief end

Some cultures offer flowers out to the souls of the departed I was asked this question again last...

How to get your hair cut with minimal Spanish!

If the proper steps aren’t taken, then consequences can be disastrous; the mullet, for example, still very much lives and breathes in Spain, as does the army-style crewcut

Oh my cod! How rude…

As another ex-pat business bites the dust, Craig Scott reveals why the chips are down for British takeaways

Bean and gone

Bartie considers the merits of coffee a la Clooney

Tick tock heartstrings

Caitlyn adjusts to the pace of Spanish life in Sevilla

Could payments to expat pensions stop after Brexit, asks Blacktower Financial Management’s Sandy Paterson

If a Brexit deal omits passporting rights insurers won't be able to to pay out to EU customers

‘Giving light’ and tile-painting in Triana

Getting crafty in across the bridge...

Santa versus the Three Kings

No presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Spanish children are gifted with small presents from the Three Wise Men who visited the Christ child more than a week after his birth

ROBOT WARS: Our real enemy could be man made and they’re already here

WHAT crazy times we're living in! From natural disasters like devastating hurricanes and earthquakes, to the war of words between The Donald and North...

A New Wife in the Sun: One foot in the brave (Ep 2)

"Mum, would you rather die by being sucked down the toilet, rammed by the drinks trolley or catapulted out the window?' Ignoring the boy child's...

One, two, three… Yoga

MY legs are shaking. A flash of heat hits my core, crawling up my neck. I tear my scarf away; ten more seconds… five… three, two, one. Phew!

Almería’s Spaghetti Westerns and theme parks

Fancy a day out in Almería? Why not take a trip to a Western-based theme park?

A New Year but same old ways

My goodness it's 2015 already, where has the past year gone? asks OP blogger Claire Thomas

Keep on walking

Expat Andy Cameron continues his charity trek from Rome to Ronda

Travelling to Jerez de la Frontera from Sevilla

Jerezanos relationship with the UK goes no further than alcohol, the perfect way to start a strong and lasting bond

The Madrid Climate Conference and the ‘no-pasa nada’ rural Andalucía

As world leaders meet at the United Nation Climate Change Conference in Madrid, I thought it time to take a look at Spain’s own...

Rejas or burglar alarm?

After a spate of local burglaries, Paul Whitelock decided to upgrade the security on his house. But what to do? Install rejas or go for a modern burglar alarm?

Recognising Joe Strummer

Marbella's man-about-town Giles Brown casts his eye over the Spanish news

It’s as simple as taking a shower

Are you a die hard consumer? What are the deal breakers in your life that you couldn´t live without?

No more Mr Nice Guy!

Disgruntled of Andalucia (formerly Royal Tunbridge Wells)