Sunday, June 16, 2019

Living the High Life

Surviving Spain at 1,500 metres. A new Olive Press blog on life in Spain's highest village

A New Wife in the Sun: Episode 14 – The Twelve Nays of Christmas

On the car journey back to our borrowed house in the Campo, I had time to reflect on what we had learned (and achieved)...

All square at triangular rugby tournament

A great festival of rugby was played out in front of an enthusiastic crowd of supporters and family in very windy and difficult conditions

City on Fire (I must be crackers!)

An unexpected phone call leads Olive Press columnist - Craig Scott, into one of his weirdest assignments yet!

Sinners in spiky hats

Semana Santa has taken over Sevilla, and it's trumpets and nazarenos galore

So here it is (Merry Christmas)

TIME really does fly when you’re having fun! I can’t believe it’s almost a year since I stood outside the church at midnight, cava...

Toss of the Coín

Maximilian Bartie muses on the disadvantages of banning the burka

Doppelgängers in Andalucía

You’ve all heard the rather wacky theory that John F Kennedy, Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Princess Diana et al aren’t dead at all and are living on a remote island somewhere in the world, well Paul Whitelock thinks that Andalucía is also a hiding place for the rich and famous

Tasty! Spinach and feta quiche with porridge base

A firm favourite in the Woodhead household

Sherry Part 1: Barber Pepe and the wines of Jerez

Troy Shaheen always suspected that sherry in Jerez was something for the tourists. Like hookah bars or sweet teas or tee-shirts with bulls on them

Zoo de Castellar – not your average zoo!

Many of the animals taken in by Castellar Zoo have had a very bad start in life. Some have been seized from smugglers attempting to move them across borders in tiny boxes or cages, and others rescued from circus troops

A picture is worth a thousand… expletives

PASS the PORT ... I need a drink! The trials and tribulations of renewing a UK passport in Spain

Europe: In or out?

Olive Press blogger Claire Thomas ponders the question of a Brexit

Vanishing act

Bartie questions what Greece did with the bailout money

A load of bunkum

Bartie wonders what all the fuss is about for the proposed new hotel and golf course at El Palmar beach

Deirdre and Me: To the letter

In the last installment of our Deirdre & Me serialisation, Michael O’Reilly talks about scoldings and quiz nights

Sandwich course

Bartie considers the point of taxpayers investing squillions in a sandwich that will stay “fresh” for the next one hundred years.

Cool mountain lamb and sizzling sweet peppers

Katie Sims visits the community market of El Mercado Santo Domingo in Pamplona

Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

He founded Apple in 1976 and his futuristic vision of computers and their use turned him into a millionaire

Lights, Camera, Action for Almeria!

Almeria blogger Claire Thomas on the arrival of the film industry

Collegiun Musicum Spring Concert review

Celebrating 40 years of classical music making on the Costa. Review by Morris Bishop

Is summer here?

Hannah keeps cool in Cordoba with her new favourite drink

The 12 Grapes of Wrath

The 'Mad Dog' Craig Scott talks violent Yogis, Bieber balls, wigless Wonkas, and a New Year to forget... in chilly Cordoba!

‘Giving light’ and tile-painting in Triana

Getting crafty in across the bridge...

Gushing smile, flash of cleavage – action!

In her eye-opening new blog series 'A Spanish guiri', Madrileña Mirian Moreno finds there’s nothing like flagrant flirtation for getting the job done

Don’t panic about Brexit!

OP blogger Luke Andrews says everything will be fine