Tuesday, October 20, 2020

When will my grief end

Some cultures offer flowers out to the souls of the departed I was asked this question again last...

If lockdown’s driving you crazy just have a little patience (but purlease don’t post that song online) writes NEW...

One of the best lines I’ve read throughout the coronavirus crisis is, ‘our grandparents were called to arms, we’ve been asked to just sit on our sofas’

A New Wife in the Sun: Another Brit in the Wall-Ep 7

Before we left the UK to reside in Spain I enjoyed nothing more than a good old moan about the country I was born...

An Open Letter to the new Mayors of the Costa del Sol

The new Mayor will soon take office in Estepona and, if his pre-election promises are to be believed, bring about the “change we need”.

Football’s coming home

Malaga Club de Futbol is offering visitors and fans a behind the scenes tour

Almería’s Spaghetti Westerns and theme parks

Fancy a day out in Almería? Why not take a trip to a Western-based theme park?

Gypsy Rose Lee has to strip again

I am SO excited about moving to our little mountain village in Spain at the end of March

A New Wife in the Sun: The Darling Buds of Prey (Ep 4)

My husband, coated in mud is standing on my doorstep which is actually physically impossible unless he is the latest companion of Tom Baker....

I’m not your media naranja

Tu media naranja: your other half, your better half, your soul mate

A New Wife in the Sun: Episode 21 – A Mother Day in Paradise

'Hello Ladies, congratulations on all your auditions, they were all excellent.  You'll be pleased to hear that none of you are actually playing the...

‘Wilful damage’

HAPPY new year to you ALL! It's around a month now since the 8 December edition of the BBC's Question Time from Maidenhead. You can catch...

Cantabria Can: 13th July

As I was saying, the owner of the hotel in Las Fraguas gave us some good information, and...

Treasure hunts strike gold for charity

Aldeas Infantile SOS charity, which has a 'village' in Granada, benefits from Almerimar Treasure Hunts

Post office troubles and princess castles

Weathering a trip up to central Spain

Who’s manipulating who?: Has the latest Catalunya video reached your phone yet?

'LOVE Beats Hate'...has it arrived in your phone yet? Here in Galicia it arrived in a friend's phone from Andalucia. It arrived in mine from the...

International Women’s Day

As International Women’s Day approaches on Friday, I find myself reflecting on how far women have come in terms of equality. This...

Rejas or burglar alarm?

After a spate of local burglaries, Paul Whitelock decided to upgrade the security on his house. But what to do? Install rejas or go for a modern burglar alarm?

Cool mountain lamb and sizzling sweet peppers

Katie Sims visits the community market of El Mercado Santo Domingo in Pamplona

Bringing the Osprey back to Spain

OP blogger Luke Andrews enjoys a wild weekend volunteering with Jerez zoo

Naked ambition

For his first fear-inducing feat, 'The Mad Dog' goes undercover at a Spanish nudist resort

The geography and politics of Spain

Whilst the history of Spain is long and complicated, the geography and political set-up are fairly straightforward. Paul Whitelock takes a look.

Loraine Gostling tells the epic history behind Spain’s Moros y Cristianos festival, all from a crumbling laptop

OK so.. I have poured 5kg of crushed ice in a waterproof cooler bag and placed it strategically between my knees and...

Furry faces are transforming fundraising

Here are a few hairy faces from Pamplona. If you laugh, you have to donate. If you don’t laugh, you have to donate because at least that’ll make you smile

One, two, three… Yoga

MY legs are shaking. A flash of heat hits my core, crawling up my neck. I tear my scarf away; ten more seconds… five… three, two, one. Phew!

Have you been in Portugal?

As a teacher of English in Spain, reading the news recently that Spain ranks lowest in English proficiency in the whole of Europe brought me to despair

The Spanish ‘y’ and the evolution of language

The Spanish Royal Academy recently voted to change their word for "y," now calling the penultimate letter ye rather than the former igriega