Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Caitlyn Slivinski: The Half Of It

Feliz Navidad!

"I’m finding out that Christmas in Spain is about Jesus, not Santa"

Walking in a winter wonderland

Cell phones ring, are you listening? In the stores, diamonds are glistening

One, two, three… Yoga

MY legs are shaking. A flash of heat hits my core, crawling up my neck. I tear my scarf away; ten more seconds… five… three, two, one. Phew!

Caitlyn’s Snapshot: Arcos de la Frontera

The town has a way of escaping the chaos of the world and drawing you into a distinctly simpler time


Something magical happened in the classroom today

Bank book bonanza

Flashback to her childhood in the States as Caitlyn battles with an ATM in Seville

Doctoring up pizza

It has nothing to do with medicine - I’m not dotting my pizza with aspirin

Lesson learned: Don’t eat Sevillian sidewalk oranges

Giving into my inner "Eve" I let temptation take over and I pluck a forbidden orange from its branch

I miss your rolls…

I can’t stop thinking about you. I keep imagining I see you through store windows. I ask for you all the time. I even thought I found you once, but it was just an imposter.

Happy New Year… now eat your grapes!

The New Year to me means paper hats and noise makers, countdowns on TV and watching "the ball" drop in Times Square

Get hip to the puente

Caitlyn discovers the delights of the Spanish holiday weekend

Leather love and loose wires

You’re fickle. You’re charged up. You’re plugged in and connected, but like a teasing Sahara breeze that comes and goes, your shine flickers

Post office troubles and princess castles

Weathering a trip up to central Spain

Punched in the face at the supermarket

It happened all of a sudden. It almost knocked me to the floor.

We have gas!

Caitlyn Slivinski's morning started with the clanking of the gas tanks on the truck outside

Caitlyn’s Snapshot: Sevilla Feria de Abril

Tents are erected decorated in traditional Spanish theme and host live music as the party blurs from day to night, to day again

I’m the pretty one!

When you pass out resumes here it is mandatory to attach a recent photo of yourself




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