Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Traveling with kids

When Tanya and I first got together, Max and Osher were six and seven. In the heady days of our first few months as...

Holiday lets? It will never pay.

Before I start, I have a confession. I can't spell accommodation, centre, calender, programe, which as a Landlord, is a worry. And I have...

Come fly with me – Bird of Prey experience Cortijo Búho

Matty the Eagle Owl For a fascinating day out, very few things come close to flying birds of prey out in the campo and learning...

A trip to a Jámon Producer

If you live in Andalucia you need to learn a few things in the first few years you are here. Where the best tapas...

Introducing myself as dunnarunna – because I have.

I would like to introduce myself - dunnarunna, because I have. Myself and my family have escaped the clutches of the UK and hopefully...


I am in my mid forties and recently moved to Spain with my family. We were meant to be moving to France, but we ended up here after an incident that involved daytime TV and a need for more sun and space than the Alps could offer.

Leaving England

Tanya and I were in a relatively unique position with two older children and a ten-year gap before having two more children. What this...

Reuse, not recycle

Yesterday I broke my chisel for my Bosch that I have been using to cut the rock to create more space in our bedroom... Which...