Saturday, January 23, 2021
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Factor 50 - A dub in Cordoba

High-five for the builders

As drills roar and bricks shatter, Jane Plunkett praises the tough job of construction site workers

Poop patrol

Put away the acrobatic suit, the time may finally have come where we can just walk down the street…

Kicking back under the stars

Jane Plunkett’s childhood dream is realised in Technicolor at Cordoba’s Summer Cinema

Breakfast news

Over a tasty tostada, Jane shudders to imagine a world without newspapers

Learn the lingo

Tapas, cervaza, que?? Yes… you can get by on a few words but if you really want to soak up Spain it’s time to learn the lingo

A warm welcome to Cordoba

There was no time for homesickness, when Jane settled her suitcases down for a new life in the south of Spain…