Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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Josh Taylor's Spain For Pleasure

Spain 101: Nowty (not noisy) neighbours

The walls in Spain are a lot thinner than they are anywhere else

Two (perfectly timed) nights in Nerja

OP blogger Josh Taylor makes a return visit to the beaches of Nerja

La Pista a La Playa

Ski in the morning and sunbathe on the beach in the afternoon!

All aboard La Sala El Tren in Granada

While there exists a great deal of quality live music in Granada, finding it, from time to time, can be a trying task

Cadiz Carnaval: A step-by-step guide

Given that this year marked his hat-trick, Josh Taylor likes to think that he has expertise on this discernibly anarchic event

How to get your hair cut with minimal Spanish!

If the proper steps aren’t taken, then consequences can be disastrous; the mullet, for example, still very much lives and breathes in Spain, as does the army-style crewcut

OP blogger is on a slippery slope

Ski-bums from all over Spain will flock to Europe’s southernmost ski-resort in huge numbers this weekend, after seven long, snow-deprived months

Review: The Skatalites @ La Sala El Tren, Granada

Originally formed in 1964, the group has produced 15 studio albums, five live albums and six collaborations, and has had over 30 band members through its history

La Shawarma

We’ve all been there; alone, drunk, stumbling down the street, when suddenly that matchless and unmistakable whiff mercilessly hijacks our nostrils and sends us trotting along in a desperate mission to locate its source as quickly as possible

The rain in Spain…

Our new Olive Press blogger Josh Taylor braves a downpour in Granada