Friday, July 1, 2022

Katie Sims in Pamplona

Save Erasmus!

The possible bankruptcy of the Erasmus programme was something that hit a nerve with me...

Music is all around…

Spain is full of music - it’s deep within their artistic culture

Skiing in Spain – The next big thing

It's all downhill now for Olive Press blogger Katie Sims

Like sardines in a retro tin can – a microfestival in Pamplona

A POP-UP concert by film maker, photographer and blogger, Korova with Wilhelm and the Dancing Animals

A lover of things in Madrid

Madrid is an unassuming capital. Flying over the city a few weeks ago this pilgrim watched it emerge suddenly from roads that twist and turn like ribbons, following a patchwork of brown, olive countryside

The mighty Camino de Santiago

Olive Press blogger Katie Sims is flirting with the idea of the Camino de Santiago

I have quite a lot of fish to fry today

"Language is wine upon the lips" said Virginia Woolf. Well, my language ability does certainly increase with a glass of wine!

Festival Tres Sesenta invades

This carefully thought-out and intelligently executed festival marked a big moment for the music scene in the unassuming city of Pamplona

A love affair with tortilla de patatas: A recipe for disaster?

I don't know about you but one of the things I love most about Spain is the food

Cool mountain lamb and sizzling sweet peppers

Katie Sims visits the community market of El Mercado Santo Domingo in Pamplona

Blood-covered monsters and solar panels – Carnival in Navarra!

The carnivals of Navarra are almost prehistoric in ritual and rural legend

I’m not your media naranja

Tu media naranja: your other half, your better half, your soul mate

Furry faces are transforming fundraising

Here are a few hairy faces from Pamplona. If you laugh, you have to donate. If you don’t laugh, you have to donate because at least that’ll make you smile

The mighty Camino de Santiago: The Highlights

With films about the Camino de Santiago emerging all over the world, it is more popular than ever

Have you been in Portugal?

As a teacher of English in Spain, reading the news recently that Spain ranks lowest in English proficiency in the whole of Europe brought me to despair

Do you fancy an adventure, sir? Find somewhere new near you!

Golly chaps, it’s Geocaching time with the Famous Five. The world is reliving their childhood with a mischievous treasure hunt that is guided by a virtual network of clues. Warning: childish behaviour is inevitable!

Sour grapes

Happy New Year - I missed a massive carnival in Pamplona!

The shifting streets of Seville

In true Semana Santa style, there was rain. When there is rain, the processions are postponed and people weep in disappointment

Solidarity in Pamplona

Public sector workers heatedly debated their rights. They wanted paralysis, impact and an element of mayhem

“Martintxos is the new Juevintxos”

Katie Sims in Pamplona joins the Olive Press blogging team - and discovers the local pintxos (tapas) in the Navarra region





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