Monday, September 16, 2019

Arguing with social media idiots just isn’t worth your time, writes columnist Loraine Gostling

HI again Costa Blancans, and welcome to yet another one of my meanders about what’s forefront of my mind when I sit...

The mighty power of Facebook groups is harnessed by Loraine Gostling in the hunt for her missing pooch

My pondering journeys over the last week have taken me to many places.Much of my inspiration for...

Loraine Gostling explores our obsession with talking about the weather

NO, I am not going to talk about the weather…And with that opening statement, just how many of...

Loraine Gostling tells the epic history behind Spain’s Moros y Cristianos festival, all from a crumbling laptop

OK so.. I have poured 5kg of crushed ice in a waterproof cooler bag and placed it strategically between my knees and...

Alicante Airport pandemonium was just about worth it for an English bowl of jellied eels, writes Loraine Gostling

Oh well, it was only 55 minutes, so we could browse the Toblerone and smell the latest designer aromas at leisure in Duty Free

Cruising along the Costa Blanca can be more terrifying than you think, writes Loraine Gostling

I had never been a risk-taker, I was pretty comfortable financially, I liked my job and everything in life was settled and safe, but just a little boring

Loraine in Spain

SO I sat myself down on Sunday evening and started to do my usual pondering on what I should write about in my column...

Seize the Day

I PONDER a lot. I waste time on musings and wondering about stuff, and try to look at things from different points of view,...

The Original LOL

NOW most of you reading this will have been ‘lolling’ for years - firstly, back when it became cool to abbreviate every possible word...