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Malcom Dick: Celtic Collections from Galicia

Who’s manipulating who?: Has the latest Catalunya video reached your phone yet?

'LOVE Beats Hate'...has it arrived in your phone yet? Here in Galicia it arrived in a friend's phone from Andalucia. It arrived in mine from the...

‘Wilful damage’

HAPPY new year to you ALL! It's around a month now since the 8 December edition of the BBC's Question Time from Maidenhead. You can catch...

A ‘word’ of Brexit warning…

The Brexit issue continues to divide and anger, not to mention being riddled with lies, twisted truths, decontextualisations and of course... misinterpretations

Why-Fi ?

OP blogger Malcolm Dick puts the kettle on

The fishy side of Brexit

Our new OP blogger was fascinated to read about the Spanish backlash to Jamie Oliver's take on paella and compares it to Brexit