Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Mark Nayler: Our Man in Granada

Arguing about the bullfight

When I wrote a piece on Granada’s first corrida of the season a few weeks ago, I knew that it would provoke reaction, and I anticipated that most of that reaction would consist of disapproval, if not outrage

Sadness and elation in Granada’s Plaza de Toros

The corrida de toros in Granada was an intense, emotional experience - one which left OP blogger Mark Nayler feeling totally stirred up for hours afterwards and well into the next day

Falling for Granada

There is a mystery about Granada, a soul and personality that has as much to do with its history as with the people who now choose to live here

From London to Granada

Sometimes something in your life is not quite right, and a big change is called for. For me, that change was moving to Granada, one month ago, from London